Category: Product Spotlight

Over-the-Top Blackout System

April 20th, 2019

The newest addition to GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures’ extensive line of greenhouses and growing solutions is the Over-the-Top Blackout System, an automated light-deprivation system for cannabis growers seeking an alternative to complex, expensive interior blackout kits. The system’s simplified design makes the Over-the-Top Blackout easy to operate, due to the two-arm…

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Is this Cannabis’ “Diet Coke Moment”?

April 19th, 2019

Award-winning SoCal cannabis brand KushyPunch releases the very first sugar-free cannabis gummy on the market, delivering a game-changing new edible option for consumers with strict dietary requirements. Its new lychee, sugar-free THC gummy is a healthier take on their iconic and top-selling 100-milligram strawberry sativa gummy, which was recently featured…

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Vifra Systems

April 13th, 2019

Dramm Corporation has established a partnership with Vifra to bring humidity management solutions to North American customers. Vifra focuses on helping growers optimize greenhouse humidity. Dramm is offering Vifra’s high-pressure fog and dehumidification systems to North American growers. The systems work to increase or decrease humidity as conditions demand. They…

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Sea Green

April 6th, 2019

With its Sea Green bottled nutrients line, Primordial Solutions has removed many of the barriers to entry that prevent cannabis growers from producing their own compost teas, including the need for specialized equipment and the learning curve that comes with the process. “Sea Green is most easily understood as an…

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Sana Reclaimed Ocean Plastic Packaging

March 17th, 2019

Colorado-based Sana Packaging, a maker of sustainable, compliant packaging solutions for the cannabis industry, has set up a partnership with Oceanworks regarding a new line of reclaimed ocean plastic cannabis packaging set to launch in spring 2019. Oceanworks partners with collection and processing agents around the world to bring trusted…

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March 15th, 2019

Treez recently announced a partnership with Tevano Payment Systems, a retail kiosk provider that builds touchscreen hardware designed to expedite in-store fulfillment by capturing orders, processing payments and dispensing change without employee intervention. The integration of Treez software in Tevano kiosks allows shoppers to browse menus at their own pace,…

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Vitalis Extraction

March 14th, 2019

Vitalis Extraction Technology, a manufacturer of industrial-scale supercritical CO2 extraction equipment for cannabis, was recently granted a patent for the design of its flow control valve. According to the company, the new technology, represents a significant improvement from a simple needle-valve design. Vitalis’ flow control valve allows the equipment operator to…

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Braingrid Sentroller S

March 13th, 2019

Braingrid Limited, a global provider of affordable, scalable sensor platforms for precision agriculture launched the new, self-powered “Sentroller S.” Sentroller S brings all the features of Braingrid’s original Sentroller platform to cultivators, including quick installation, email alarm notifications and online dashboards and reports. But the Sentroller S is powered by…

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M&A Basics For Cannabis & Hemp Companies

March 12th, 2019

1stWEST Mergers and Acquisitions, an international investment bank and M&A advisory company, recently published a book by two of its managing directors, Carl Craig, Ph.D. and John D. Wagner. The book, “M&A Basics For Cannabis & Hemp Companies: A Company Owner’s Guide to Key Deal Elements & Common Practices of…

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UniMax Hoods

March 11th, 2019

The UniMax series of hoods for cannabis processors has been expanded to include a wide selection of models that feature greater interior working dimensions. Standard models range from 6 feet to 24 feet wide, 4 feet to 8 feet deep, and 7 feet to 16 feet high. Botanical extractions, tall…

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