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The Great Unknown

April 7th, 2017

New administration’s anti-marijuana cabinet could play a major role in restricting — or recriminalizing — state-legal businesses In just a few short years, legal cannabis has become a nearly $7 billion industry. Nearly 60% of the states have legalized the use of cannabis for either recreational or medicinal purposes, but…

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Interchange – Sponsorship Opportunities

April 3rd, 2017

Have you been seeking unique avenues to connect with the heart of Washington State’s cannabis industry?  Interchange is a rare opportunity to mix, mingle and build brand awareness among forty Retailers and fifty Producers and Processors within the I-502 cannabis space.  Now as a third time seasoned event, Interchange is…

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Interchange – Producer/Processors

April 3rd, 2017

You are invited to experience Interchange Spring 2017, centrally focused on a new approach to facilitate commerce within the cannabis industry. Interchange is an event held over the course of a two-day period where Producers and Processors meet with a series of Retailers in a 1:1 private setting to convey…

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Seattle’s Lux Pot Shop forced to close for compliance violation

March 10th, 2017

The Lux Pot Shop in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood is being forced to close for 15 days later this month due the store’s second compliance infraction. According to a press release from an agency representing Lux, an employee at the store sold marijuana to a minor working as an undercover agent…

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Unlocking the Cannabis Genome

February 13th, 2017

Humankind’s understanding of cannabis genetics is about where the knowledge of human DNA was 20 years ago — a few juicy snippets of information have begun to trickle out, but the immense, industry-changing potential still lingers on the horizon. Today, genetics scientists can determine only a few things, like whether…

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Christian Sederberg

February 2nd, 2017

Christian Sederberg thinks Colorado will see at least $1.3 billion in cannabis sales revenue this year, wants marijuana consumption to be on equal footing with alcohol in Denver and secretly wishes that his name was Vicente Sederberg to eliminate future confusion. In truth, the Denver-based attorney doesn’t want to usurp…

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Flower rooms on CRAC

January 24th, 2017

What limits a cannabis plant from achieving its maximum growth potential? What is the maximum yield that a cultivator can achieve in a single harvest? The answer relates directly to the indoor environment. Cannabis is a weed and it will grow under extreme conditions. However, at the end of the…

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Making a budget

January 23rd, 2017

After a bruising election season, most Americans are relieved it’s finally over. And if you listen carefully, you’ll hear the engines of business revving up, especially in the eight new legal cannabis markets. Cannabis growers in these states have been waiting with bated breath for new opportunities to expand their…

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New laws going into effect

January 19th, 2017

Although the November 2016 election set the country into a state of turmoil, it represented a huge victory for marijuana initiatives in several states. Four states — California, Massachusetts, Maine and Nevada — legalized cannabis for recreational use. Additionally, three typically conservative states — Arkansas, Florida and North Dakota —…

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Cannabis Basics

January 12th, 2017

While a handful of companies have already begun national expansion, federal restrictions on trademarks have been a major roadblock to building brands within the cannabis industry. Due to marijuana’s classification as a Schedule I narcotic, most businesses have been at an impasse with the United States Patent and Trademark Office…

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