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Terra Tech

Branding for the Future

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Classical Glass

Because marijuana has been illegal for decades, there are no…

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Customer tosses display at employee at Washington rec shop

An apparently intoxicated customer threw a display case of glass…

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What’s in your grow? Toucan Farms

WATER For a hydroponic grow operation with the goal of…

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Green Thumb Logistics

Pioneers and Settlers

Several years ago, right after Washington and Colorado voted to…

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TimerCap, which manufactures millions of medication reminder caps, has jumped…

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    1. Double Dutch:

      Using their background in commercial agriculture, the Van Wingerden brothers produce top-shelf flower with the family greenhouse.

    1. Nectar:

      With seven retail and grow operations, Nectar is one of Oregon's largest players

    1. Terra Tech:

      CEO Derek Peterson talks about branding, the election and being publicly traded in California.

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Company Profiles

The Four Twenty Collection

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