Master full-spectrum light

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Patricia Rosi

Maine voters approved the legalization of recreational cannabis in the…

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Octavia Wellness in California focuses solely on selling medical marijuana

Inspired by their own elderly parents’ use of cannabis for…

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What’s in your grow? Adakai

The equipment and techniques used at Adakai were implemented by…

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The Danger of Dogma

Dogma is defined as “strongly expressing beliefs as if they…

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Elite Growing Platform

The folks at Elite Garden have released a new “double…

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    1. 40 Under 40:

      Highlighting 40 rising stars in the industry, including the president of Washingtons Cannabis Alliance, the head of a family farm in Colorado and a young Canadian CEO.

    1. Dark Heart Nursery:

      California business excels by specializing in providing clones to commercial growers.

    1. The Green Pages:

      Our new monthly section, focusing on natural, renewable and Eco-friendly practices kicks off with a behind-the-scenes peak at Alter Farms.

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Diffusing the Situation

Diffused light is formed when the direct rays from the…

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Herbal Ambassadors

As one of the first eight farms licensed to grow…

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Cover Story

So you want to grow in California?

When Californians approved Proposition 64 to legalize the cultivation, distribution,…

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Interchange – Retailers

You are invited to experience Interchange Spring 2017, centrally focused…

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Moving to Mari-Land

After more than three years of delays, Maryland finally granted…

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Water Filtration

Many critical decisions go into choosing the optimal layout, lighting…

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Legal Outlaws

Scott Edson likes the outlaw image and he’s unafraid to…

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