Advancements in Lighting Science

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10 Tips for picking the ideal grow lights

Tremendous progress has been made in the science of lighting…

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The Marijuana Venture Interview:

In some ways, the housing market crash of 2008 paved…

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Solving Modern HVAC Challenges

Designing, building and operating the ideal cannabis growing facility and…

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Why the 50 stars will triumph over a single maple leaf

Last October, I was in Canada speaking at a convention…

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The Dealie Babe

A smaller version of the company’s Dealie Buddy water pipe, the…

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    1. Different Frame of Mind:

      A look inside the unique process of designing Surterra's first medical marijuana dispensary in Tampa, Florida.

    1. The $50 Ounce:

      With prices plummeting in Washington and Oregon growers and retailers both wonder: At what cost?

    1. Lighting:

      10 things to consider before picking out the lights for your growing operation.

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