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October 20th, 2018

Mvix, a leader in the digital signage sector, has partnered with MJ Freeway, a maker of seed-to-sale tracking technology, to provide POS-integrated menu boards for marijuana retailers. Retailers managing their day-to-day inventory through MJ Freeway’s point-of-sale platform can now automatically display products on digital menu boards. The integration eliminates the…

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Silk Road

October 14th, 2018

CEO David Kram started Silk Road with the intention of helping fight the opioid crisis that claimed the life his brother. The California-based brand makes disposable CBD and THC+CBD vaporizers, available throughout the Golden State and through the company’s website. As part of the company’s vision to fight opioid addiction,…

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MJ Arsenal

October 12th, 2018

MJ Arsenal, a manufacturer of glass goods that are both beautiful and inexpensive, challenges preconceived notions about glass water pipes with the Merlin Rollie Bubbler and Mini-Rig. Although the device’s smoke-recycling system that cools smoke through two chambers of water is not necessarily a breakthrough in smoking technology, the Merlin’s…

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October 7th, 2018

Remote monitoring systems provide the most cost-effective way for growers to receive real-time notification of environmental changes that threaten inventory. Sensaphone, the makers of a comprehensive line of remote monitoring products that track critical environmental data such as temperature, humidity and power failures, is introducing three new sensors for greenhouse…

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The Hybrid Creative

October 6th, 2018

Kush Bottles, a leading supplier of packaging, vaporizers, hydrocarbon gases, solvents, accessories and branding solutions for the regulated cannabis industry, announced in July that it had acquired Zack Darling Creative Associates and its wholly owned subsidiary, The Hybrid Creative, a specialist design agency based in Santa Rosa, California. Founded in 2009, Zack Darling…

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Sativa Art Studios

October 1st, 2018

Photographer Gabriel Harding’s amazing cannabis images are available as high-quality framed prints through Sativa Art Studios. Unlike the marijuana posters that might be found in a frat house, Harding’s art focuses on the beauty of the plant, with incredible color and detail. “I’m trying to capture subtleties,” he said. “The…

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Green Sunshine

September 29th, 2018

Electric Sky Wideband LED Grow Lights The Green Sunshine Company’s new Electric Sky LED has special wideband spectrum technology that produces colors that other lights can’t. It replicates the power of the sun that plants crave for fast growth and explosive yields from seed to flower. These modular LED panels…

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September 22nd, 2018

International precision agriculture provider AgriTask has adapted its Agri-platform for cannabis growers who, unlike other farmers, face a unique regulatory environment. Already in wide use for other crops such as soy beans, coffee and cotton, the company modified the platform specifically to meet Israel’s stringent IMC-GAP regulations for growing medical…

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QAV Valve

September 19th, 2018

Dramm is replacing its low-cost 35 Shut-Off valve with the new QAV Valve. The QAV Valve is an improvement on durability and longevity, while keeping the same price-point as the company’s older valve. Using a unique, patent-pending design, Dramm was able to reduce assembly labor costs on the QAV and…

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Cannabis PowerScore

September 12th, 2018

The Resource Innovation Institute’s Cannabis PowerScore is a new benchmarking tool designed to track energy consumption data from cannabis cultivation facilities to help educate industry leaders about the best ways to increase energy efficiency and move toward a lower-cost and more sustainable cultivation model. The Resource Innovation Institute (RII) is…

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