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What’s in your grow? Rainforest Farms

January 20th, 2017

A look at the equipment, supplies and processes deemed indispensable by commercial cannabis growers

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Looking Back at 2016

January 18th, 2017

The year in cannabis

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Watering Techniques

January 16th, 2017

Getting the ideal level of water

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Winberry Farms: Biodynamic Farming

December 30th, 2016

All natural, pest free.

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Greenhouse Education

December 29th, 2016

  Marijuana Venture and SunGrower & Greenhouse focus on providing valuable and relevant information to the cannabis business community. One of the exciting trends in the cannabis industry is the explosive growth of greenhouses. However, the owners and operators of greenhouse production facilities often have a lot of questions about…

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Alaska: One step forward, two steps back

December 27th, 2016

  Alaska’s adult use marijuana program is moving along slowly, carefully and with the expected amount of drama and setbacks. Over the four years I’ve been involved in the commercial marijuana industry, one theme has remained constant in every state: the cannabis movement always takes one step forward and two…

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Everyday Hemp

December 16th, 2016

Innovative manufacturers are using hemp bioplastics to craft mainstream products

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Good Rewards

December 14th, 2016

New endeavor highlights companies for emphasizing social justice and sustainable practices

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Capitalizing on Real Estate

December 9th, 2016

Cannabis companies turn to real estate deals as a vehicle to fund their enterprises

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Attacking mildew

December 5th, 2016

Puradigm offers an alternative to chemical pesticides

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Cannabis cultivation in North America has literally transitioned from the closet and into commercial agriculture. The variety of growers range from medical cannabis caregivers who grow for small groups of medical marijuana patients to large multi-million dollar operations that distribute medical and recreational cannabis state-wide. The rules and regulations for cannabis cultivation vary from state to state and even though new laws governing marijuana growers are introduced frequently, the methods of cultivation typically remain the same.

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For medical marijuana cultivators, the emphasis on safe product for patients is paramount for operations. Start-ups and long-time cultivators licensed to grow cannabis look for safe alternatives to pesticides and organic cultivation methods. While testing requirements in the marijuana industry varies from state-to-state, many medical marijuana producers seek to go above and beyond the requirements held by state-licensed cannabis testing labs in order to constantly improve the safety of their medical cannabis for patients. Medical marijuana producers can be either non-profit or for-profit entities depending on the state they operate from, however without properly managing operations medical growers can be fined, shut-down, or can fall-short of turning a sustainable income. MMJ producers who fail to observe these realities can not only see their businesses close but also leave several patients looking for another source of reliable and safe medicine.

State-licensed recreational marijuana producers have a similar focus on safety, but also need to consider large-scale production approaches and smart cost-reduction methods to remain competitive as for-profit entities. The majority of licensed recreational cultivators operate under stringent state guidelines and require sanctioned resolutions for cultivation problems. Failure to observe the state regulations can result in large fines and operators can ultimately lose their licenses if repeated offenses occur. Recreational cannabis producers must also consider factors like security, insurance and building requirements on top of the shifting variables mandated by governing authorities.  Due to their for-profit nature, tax structures and innate competition in the marijuana industry, licensed producers also need to be able to turn a healthy profit in order to remain and grow with the burgeoning business. 

Every month Marijuana Venture provides solutions for cannabis growers facing these obstacles. Drawing answers from experts across the globe to contribute original content that cannot be found anywhere else. Marijuana Venture was built to satiate the needs of licensed marijuana business owners regardless of what state, county or city they operate from. The magazine features articles on the following:

  • How to obtain a license for recreational and medical cannabis cultivation
  • Legal guides from law experts, explaining both the existing laws and requirements growers face
  • How-to guides on selecting a cultivation site and properly building an indoor, outdoor or greenhouse cultivation facility
  • Overviews on wholesale buying and selling
  • Processing tips and extraction methods for cultivators and cannabis processors looking to infuse edibles, create wax, shatter, clear or vape cartridges
  • Best practices for pest management, using state-legal pesticide alternatives
  • Inside looks at state specific grow operations with answers from licensed business owners on how they maintain and thrive within the marijuana industry
  • Peer-reviewed articles from tenured professors at state universities on agriculture applications and solutions
  • Guides for resource management from industry professionals
  • Nutrient guides explaining the needs of the cannabis plants at all stages of cultivation
  • State-specific legal guides for operators in developing state programs and detailed analysis of future requirements
  • Best practices for selling product to marijuana retail buyers and medical marijuana dispensaries
  • Copyright and trademark advice
  • Maintaining security standards for state-legal operations
  • Overviews on securing low-insurance premiums and how-to guides on filing claims
  • Best hiring practices and personnel management      
  • Marketing solutions
  • In-depth articles explaining the newest and oldest cultivation methods, like sea of green, scrogging, traditional soil and HPS build-outs, light-deprivation techniques and more

Marijuana Venture is an award-winning, nationally distributed magazine dedicated to helping marijuana business owners stay legal and profitable. takes the articles on all of the above and more from the monthly publication and re-publishes them for growers searching for an online-hub of reliable information.

New articles, covering nearly every facet of owning, operating and growing a marijuana business are posted daily at noon.

For questions, comments or suggestions please contact the staff here.   

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