MicroFlow III

The MicroFlow III is a Class 1 ductless workstation that features filtration systems ideal for fumes, odors and non-hazardous chemical vapors.

Its dimensions are 24 inches wide by 20.75 inches high by 24 inches deep. It is completely self-contained with an integral recessed work surface to contain spills. A removable clear viewing sash that can be used with a microscope surrounds the work area for user protection. A variable speed fan control allows for adjustable air flow. A hood is also available with the mobile table.

HEMCO also offer Modular Clean Labs, an entire laboratory workspace is pre-engineered, including the structure and the lab furniture/fume hoods to outfit the interior.  Modular Clean Labs wall panels have a white fiberglass surface for chemical resistance and excellent light reflectivity. They can be easily assembled, modified in the future, or disassembled and moved if required.

Ceiling HEPA filtration is designed to meet needs from just a cleaned-up area from the surrounding environment to class 1000 (ISO 6). Door, lighting and electrical options are provided as requested.




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