Washington cannabis bill awaits governor’s signature

Most of this year’s proposed cannabis legislation in Washington never made it very far, but SB 5131 has succeeded in advancing to the final step before becoming law: Gov. Jay Inslee‘s desk. You can read the final version of SB 5131 here.

SB 5131, passed both the Washington State House of Representatives by a unanimous vote on March 7th and Senate April 11, 74 yeas to 24 nays. The two legislative houses passed slightly different versions, which was reconciled through a conference committee made up of officials from both houses.

The Committee finished its work on April 19th, and the final bill passed both houses of the legislature on April 20th. Fitting that they managed to sneak through a cannabis bill on the doobiest holiday around, 4/20.

The final barrier to becoming law is up to the governor. The bill was sent to the governor on April 23rd, and he may sign it into law, veto it, or veto part of it. When asked for comment, Governor Inslee’s office declined to take any official position on the bill, but also did not give any indication that a veto is likely. If you would like to express your support or opposition to any part of the bill you can contact Governor Inslee’s office directly.

The governor may veto portions of the bill, which could result in significant changes to SB 5131, but, as it stands, the following Washington Cannabis regulations appear likely:

[All references are prospective references to the language enacted by SB 3151 and will not take effect unless signed into law.]

Advertising Changes:

Medical Marijuana:

Licensing Changes:

Miscellaneous Changes:


Neil Juneja is the founder and managing partner at Gleam Law, a full-service cannabis-law practice with offices in Washington and Oregon. He is a registered patent attorney and focuses on intellectual property and cannabis law. He can be reached at Neil@GleamLaw.com.




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