Experiences Connect People

Effectively marketing yourself at trade shows, in retail environments, and through live events is critical to establishing yourself as a leading cannabis brand. Whether you are a retailer, consumer product, equipment or service provider, the marketplace is becoming more competitive and saturated as cannabis continues to gain mainstream momentum. Creating elevated brand experiences and touchpoints for your customers will help you stand out against your competition and enable your brand to cultivate a loyal following.


Built On Trust

Founded in 2001, FG|PG is a leading experiential marketing agency based in Huntington Beach, CA. We are a passionate team of creative storytellers intent on connecting people with the brands they love one shared experience at a time. From design and account management to engineering and fabrication, our proven capabilities, talent, nimble responsiveness, and ability to consistently exceed expectations have established FG|PG as the trusted partner of choice for top brands like Hydrofarm, PRØHBTD Media, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, and Fortnite. We also provide private-label solutions for Agency partners that require the highest quality exhibit and experiential design and custom fabrication.


We Get It

Whether it’s your first Trade Show, Live Event, or Store Opening, or you’re a seasoned veteran, successfully activating your brand in the field requires great skill and calm under pressure. It takes a multidisciplinary team of problem solvers that not only understand the nuance of your market but also possess the expertise to deliver creative solutions that align with your business goals. The team at FG|PG understands what’s at stake for you and your brand, as well as what it takes to wow your customers. Our multicultural, cross-generational perspective expands and enriches our creative approach and our 100,000 square-foot state-of-the-art facility makes it possible for our team to fabricate anything you can imagine.



Quality Sets You Apart

It’s likely that you’ve put everything you have into building your business. And everyone understands the only thing that truly sets you apart from your competitors is quality. So when it comes to bringing your brand to life in the field why would you settle for a trade show, event, or retail partner that’s anything less than the best fit for your brand? Successful experiential marketing is more than Instagramable moments and top quality building materials. Success is the result of questioning assumptions, formulating those findings into a cohesive strategy, and leveraging that strategy to develop creative solutions that connect with your customers. With FG|PG you get all that, plus a proven team you can count on to deliver on their promises no matter what challenges arise.


Award Winning Partnerships

FG|PG has demonstrated our ability to provide the best service and deliver the most creative solutions for our partners time and time again. In 2018 we received top honors from Event Marketer and Biz Bash for our work with Fortnite, Oculus, and Cerveza Pacifico.


Contact us today to learn more about how partnering with FG|PG will take your brand to new heights.



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