First Sun Cup celebrates sustainability, competition for sun growers

In recognition of cannabis growers using sustainable production methods, the Washington Sungrowers Industry Association is hosting the first Sun Cup on Earth Day, April 21, at the Seattle Glassblowing Studio.

Preston Peck, the executive director and organizer for the event, says the idea for the competition came about from discussions within the organization on how to best promote the environmental benefits and opportunities available in the sun-grown cannabis industry.

“What better than a competition that highlights sun-grown cannabis, centered right around Earth Day, to create the message of the benefits for the Earth but also the quality of the product?” Peck says.

The event will see numerous Washington-based outdoor growers competing in multiple categories to determine the best product and producer. Awards and bragging rights will go to the best sun-grown flower, best light-deprivation sun-grown flower, best overall nose for flower and best concentrate using sun-grown plant materials.

Organizers also expect the event to be a forum for sharing sustainable cultivation methods within the industry.

“We don’t want to create a conference necessarily, but rather a competition that’s also an educational opportunity,” Peck says. “That way we can highlight growers in Washington using highly-sustainable practices.”

Dr. Ethan Russo, director of research and development at the International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute, is scheduled to speak on the innate benefits of sun-grown terpenes as well as share his research on sun-grown flower. Peck says Russo was selected specifically for his research on the diversity of terpenes in sun-grown cannabis.

Attendance for the event is limited to sponsors and competitors and their friends. Proceeds for the event go toward furthering the Washington Sungrowers Industry Association’s mission of promoting environmental and economic sustainability through advocacy, education and research.


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