(WA) Retail Store: Cannarail Station

Cannarail Station

dscf2645Everyone wants their piece of the Green Rush, and now you can have it. Not only that, you can have it along with a house, garage, 2.5 acres and a cool side business that sells second-hand goods.

Cannarail Station was one of the first marijuana retail stores in Washington to open, and owner Rick Reimers is ready to sell. In his words, it was a labor of love, but he’s now ready to retire and live the good life relaxing.

“This opportunity is a big one,” Rick says. “We love the business and have had a super fun time growing it and seeing the fruits of our labor result in a big base of happy customers.”

dscf2640Rick’s store and compound are located in Ephrata, Washington. The business is now doing about $100,000 per month revenue and steadily growing. He loves his customers, and they love him.

“I have had so much fun doing this and being a pioneer,” Rick says. “However, I’m over 65, and ready to retire. I’d love to find someone as passionate about this business as I am, and let them take over serving the community”

For more information about purchasing Cannarail Station, contact Rick:




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