Marijuana Venture art director receives award

Marijuana Venture art director Chloe Mehring will be honored this fall as one of Folio Magazine’s Rising Stars during an awards luncheon in New York City.

Mehring, 26, has been with Marijuana Venture, the No. 1 business publication in the cannabis space, since July 2015 and has been integral in the magazine’s growth and success, including a major role with the magazine’s RAD (Retail and Dispensary) Expo. The second RAD Expo will be Oct. 10-11 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon.

The Folio: Rising Star Honorees are a who’s who of individuals making their mark and disrupting the status quo of the media industry at the early stages of their career. The awards ceremony will take place during the Folio: Show in October. Mehring was one of 46 honorees this year, including representatives from ESPN The Magazine, POLITICO, Billboard Magazine, Bloomberg Media Group, CBS Interactive and more.



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