GrowFlow is a web-based, seed-to-sale traceability and compliance platform designed by one of the first legal license holders in Washington state.

GrowFlow CEO Rufus Casey (pictured above left, with chief financial officer Tom Wilson) recognized the practical shortcomings of the state-provided traceability system and designed a more intuitive workflow and platform. Today, GrowFlow claims to be the most widely used third-party software system in Washington — with almost half of the producer/processors in the state on the platform — as well as being a popular option in California.

The system features integrated business solutions such as ability to create pull sheets, invoices and comprehensive views of testing results. It has QuickBooks integration, a custom label editor and tools to manage inventory and interact with customers. GrowFlow helps simplify operations for the heavily regulated cannabis industry by providing automated solutions that include a live menu of sellable goods, invoices that sync to popular accounting systems and dynamically generated labels with state-required information. Users can also communicate with GrowFlow support staff through an in-app chat.

GrowFlow has also set up a standalone system designed for the rules and regulations in Oklahoma. The company is working to train and educate the state and its industry how the traceability software works.


Photo credit: Arthur Luebke


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