Horticulture experts have long argued the act of flushing, or feeding cannabis plants with only water in the days leading up to harvest, is a waste of time and resources. However, new research from one nutrient manufacturer suggests flushing is not just pointless, but it may negatively impact the flavor and quality of smoke — the exact opposite of what many self-proclaimed “master growers” say.

Rx Green Technologies, a New Hampshire-based nutrients company, recently conducted an experiment and taste test with flushed and unflushed cannabis. Rx Green worked with a Colorado cannabis grower to produce four Cherry Diesel crops; one went unflushed, the others received 14, 10 and seven-day flushes.

Post-harvest lab-testing showed no significant difference in the terpenes, THC or mineral content between the four samples.

At a private event, cannabis industry professionals consumed and rated each sample of cannabis across a variety of markers; statistically, the cannabis that was not flushed rated higher than their flushed counterparts.

In looking at previous research on the subject, Rx Green scientists found them skeptical about the alleged benefits of flushing.

“The thought process surrounding flushing doesn’t fit within our understanding of soil science and nutrient dynamics,” said Stephanie Wedryk, Rx Green’s director of research and development.

“Once a nutrient gets into a plant, it stays there. It can’t be removed by applying water,” she added.


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