Washington adds 17 pesticides to its acceptable list

Crop spraying

Crop spraying

OLYMPIA, Wash. — The Washington State Department of Agriculture recently added 17 pesticides to the list of products allowed for use in marijuana production in Washington.

Pesticides containing one new active ingredient (Beauveria bassiana) were added to the list. Several of the pesticides that were added to the list contain active ingredients that were already allowed for use in marijuana production.


BotaniGard Maxx, EPA Reg. No. 82074-5

  1. BT Bacillus Thuringiensis Ready-To-Use, EPA Reg. No. 70051-113-4
  2. Culbac Green, EPA Reg. No. 59588-1
  3. GreenCure EZ, EPA Reg. No. 70870-3
  4. HydroWorxx Disease Control Ready To Use, EPA Reg. No. 67702-1
  5. HydroWorxx Insecticidal Soap 3 in 1 Concentrate, EPA Reg. No. 67702-11
  6. HydroWorxx Insecticidal Soap 3 in 1 Ready To Use, EPA Reg. No. 67702-21
  7. HydroWorxx Mite & Insect Killer Concentrate, EPA Reg. No. 67702-36
  8. HydroWorxx Mite & Insect Killer Ready To Use, EPA Reg. No. 67702-35
  9. Lynx EC 1.4, EPA Reg. No. 82074-6
  10. Lynx EC 5.0, EPA Reg. No. 82074-7
  11. Monterey Liquid Copper Fungicide RTU, EPA Reg. No. 67702-1-54705
  12. Prentox Pyronyl Crop Spray, EPA Reg. No. 655-489
  13. Pyronyl Crop Spray, EPA Reg. No. 89459-26
  14. Xpectro OD, EPA Reg. No. 82074-5
  15. Flat Line, WA Reg. No. 996920-16001
  16. Super Safe Concentrate, WA Reg. No. 68719-16001

For a complete list of pesticides that are allowed for use in marijuana production, and the criteria used to establish the list, see the Washington State Department of Agriculture website: agr.wa.gov/pestfert/pesticides/pesticideuseonmarijuana.aspx.


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