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October 16th, 2019

Digital Defense

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Don’t move forward without a business plan

September 17th, 2019

How can you take your cannabis company anywhere if you don’t know where you’re going? In daily life, many of us are accustomed to getting to our destinations with our favorite GPS app — whether we’re trying to find a restaurant an hour away or a coffee shop by foot.…

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Trade Secrets in Cannabis

September 6th, 2019

Understanding why and how to keep proprietary information as a trade secret is ever more important in this increasingly competitive marketplace.

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When Cannabis and Franchise Laws Collide

September 4th, 2019

Cannabis entrepreneurs thinking they can avoid franchise laws by calling their licensing another name will suffer the same fate as “accidental franchisors.”

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Wage compliance

August 14th, 2019

Not just an afterthought

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Bear Market

August 7th, 2019

What’s Wrong in California?

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Selling your cannabis business?

August 1st, 2019

Is your business special? Sure it is! Just like a homeowner who puts his or her house on the market and expects that it will achieve a premium value because it is “special,” almost every business owner thinks their business should achieve a multiple of value in excess of the…

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Trade War on Drugs

July 10th, 2019

Additional costs threaten already tight margins

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Five leading states to start a new cannabis business

July 9th, 2019

Five states immediately come to my mind as the best places to start a cannabis business. I’ve broken down some of the legalities to consider from each state if you’re looking to start a cannabis business.   Massachusetts Although Massachusetts voters approved a measure legalizing the recreational use of cannabis…

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Selling your cannabis business?

June 25th, 2019

Most cannabis business owners looking to sell their businesses ask the same two opening questions: 1. “What metrics are used to determine the value of my business when a buyer is looking to make an acquisition?” 2. “What are the top three or four steps I can take to maximize…

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Marijuana has always been a hot commodity, albeit a taboo one, but regardless of whether the market is recreational, medical, grey or black, the product has never been a tough sell. Now more than ever cannabis is in the mainstream and public demand has spread from millennials to baby-boomers. But alongside the demand for product comes the demand for producers, retailers, processors and hundreds of ancillary businesses that have long-existed as packaging suppliers, design firms, soil producers and countless other roles that could easily transition to the new industry.

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Growing cannabis, as it turns out, isn’t the hardest part of operating in the new industry. The appeal of the new industry has depleted plenty of bank accounts and 401ks from enthusiasts who never thought the day would come when cannabis could be legally bought and sold. Believing that the plant would remain underground isn’t the greatest oversight, but opening a business in one of the most regulated industries without any preparation or experience could be aptly described as “disastrous.”

Marijuana Venture is the densest, monthly magazine dedicated to those brave individuals who are willing to walk along the bleeding edge of legalization and help normalize cannabis businesses.  Every issue is packed with useful articles that help business owners navigate through their specific recreational and medical markets.

Part of what makes Marijuana Venture successful was the editorial decision to keep valuable content as the number on driving force behind each issue. While many other magazines have followed the Internet’s “quick and digestible” model, Marijuana Venture has opted to boycott cartoony graphics and “top 5” lists out of the magazine in order to keep long-form articles with actual useful information for current and potential business owners. The decision has earned the magazine both critical and public acclaim.

Every month Marijuana Venture provides solutions for industry business owners. Drawing answers from experts across the globe to contribute original content that cannot be found anywhere else. Marijuana Venture was built to satiate the needs of licensed marijuana business owners regardless of what state, county or city they operate from. The magazine features articles on the following:

Marijuana Venture is an award-winning, nationally distributed magazine dedicated to helping marijuana business owners stay legal and profitable. takes the articles on all of the above and more from the monthly publication and re-publishes them for growers searching for an online-hub of reliable information.

New articles, covering nearly every facet of owning, operating and growing a marijuana business are posted daily at noon.

For questions, comments or suggestions please contact the staff here. 

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