Bud Sorter

Designed by an outdoor cultivator in Colorado, the Bud Sorter was specifically created to sort product by size to ensure consistency and efficiency while processing. Available in small and large sizes, the Bud Sorter uses a series of screens to separate and sort buds. Screens can be built to accommodate any producer or processor’s preferred sizes.

The small Bud Sorter easily fits through a standard door and is most often used for preparing pre-rolled joint material and sifting trim for extraction to avoid channeling. For most cultivators, it is perfect for sorting flower as well, though it is not recommended for those needing to sort more than 100 pounds per week.

The large machine can easily handle 20 pounds at a time. According to the company, each business uses this machine for a slightly different purpose, but they find it most useful for sorting and cleaning up machine trimmed bud.

Both machines are capable of sorting 2 pounds of cannabis per minute.



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