BriskHeat, an Ohio-based provider of flexible heating, insulating and temperature control solutions, made its entry into the cannabis market to improve extraction quality and throughput.

BriskHeat’s mantles can be used to provide heat in a short-path distillation process. The company makes soft-side and hard-side mantle heaters for round-bottom flasks with sizes ranging from 50 milliliters up to 12,000. Hard-side mantles are available with or without a built-in temperature control and magnetic stirring functions.

In addition, BriskHeat offers silicone rubber heating tapes to maintain temperature, reduce viscosity and evaporate unwanted impurities; digital temperature controllers, to maintain optimal temperature during the distillation process; and insulators in a variety of standard and custom designs to keep heat in and maximize thermal efficiency.

“BriskHeat offers the most complete variety of surface heating products and temperature control options available to provide optimal solutions for this industry,” Patrick Doyle, vice president of business development, said in a press release.


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