AGT Hybrid Greenhouse

Ancon Development Corporation is taking a new approach to greenhouse technology with its AGT Hybrid Greenhouse. The hybrid structures transform traditional, plastic-covered greenhouses into energy-efficient, modern, insulated, sealed, cleanroom laboratories.

The greenhouses include variable daylight control, which is perfect for research and plant testing, as well as growing in cold climates or barren environments. All air flow is managed by proprietary oil bath fans, which contain a series of oil-laden filters and traps to eliminate airborne contaminates and odors.

AGT’s proprietary Natural Earth Air System locates the mechanical system underground and utilizes the natural earth core air temperatures of 55 to 60 degrees for heating and cooling. In the AGT greenhouse, a glass ceiling covers the entire grow area, encasing the steel framing system between the roof and ceiling, providing dead air space insulation. The glass ceiling reflects conditioned air back down into the grow area and prevents condensation that can lead to mold.

AGT greenhouses use clear or colored Lexan-insulated, standing-seam roof panels with a 20-year warranty and electro-chromatic glass with variable sunlight diffusion at the interior ceilings. The grow areas use a reflective floor coating to amplify natural daylight, and the company offers reflective light panels to direct light under the plant plume, accelerating growth. Grow room divider walls and doors are transparent to minimize sun shading.

Other features include natural wind movement, adjustable artificial light source, light refractor panels, electronic glazing daylighting control, natural cloud cover hazing in roof air cavity, louver and/or draping daylighting control.



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