What is RAD

The national Retail and Dispensary (RAD) Expo provides retailers with everything they need to open, improve or start a cannabis store

The Retail and Dispensary (RAD) Expo is the only trade show 100% dedicated to cannabis retailers and dispensary owners. The event provides cannabis retailers with free access to all the resources a retailer needs to succeed in the fast-growing cannabis industry. The third Retail and Dispensary Expo will be held at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon on October 23-24.

Marijuana Venture hosted the first RAD Expo in 2018 after publisher Greg James saw that cannabis retail was being largely ignored by other prominent industry trade shows.

“Many retail buyers don’t even attend the major industry trade shows because the exhibitors are mostly lighting, nutrient and extraction manufacturers,” James said. “And what’s worse is that most trade shows are charging qualified buyers a lot of money to get in the door. This is unheard of a non-cannabis shows like CES and E3.”

Exhibitors will include CBD and hemp companies, interior design, food and drink, security, merchandising, technology, displays, accounting, lighting and everything in between.

Retailers and dispensary owners from around the U.S. can find everything they need to operate in one organized, professional environment. RAD invites all cannabis retailers as well as health stores, pet stores, vape shops and other retailers looking to sell CBD and hemp products. EARLY REGISTRATION IS FREE

Seminars featuring retail experts, including: Bob Phibbs, Loretta Soffe and Megan Stone, touching on topics ranging from law to design and merchandising to Q&As with successful retailers.




Why Attend?

As anyone who has paid the exorbitant travel fees and ticket costs, lost days of productive time at the office and traveled across the country only to see the same speakers and exhibitors can attest: Most trade shows in the cannabis industry feel like the same show.

The Retail and Dispensary Expo is different in every way.

The RAD Expo grants FREE admission to retail owners and their employees. The Expo treats attendees as guests, not customers.

The RAD Expo is 100% focused on cannabis retail.

The exhibitor floor at the RAD Expo is packed with vendors from inside and outside the cannabis industry, featuring everything a retailer needs. Many of the exhibitors at RAD have been serving traditional retail chains for more than 40 years and cannot be found at other cannabis trade shows.

Speakers at the RAD Expo represent decades of executive retail experience from some of the largest retail chains in North America, such as Nike and Nordstrom. At RAD, speakers present proven retail strategies, not pitches to further their own agendas.

The RAD Expo also arranges discounted hotel accommodations for visiting guests at The Double Tree by Hilton Portland, conveniently located just blocks away from the Expo’s venue in downtown Portland.

With a 100% focus on cannabis retail, no admission fees and an assortment of unique speakers and exhibitors the RAD Expo is not only a different breed of trade show, it’s a better one.

Why Exhibit?

Cannabis is the fastest growing brick-and-mortar industry in North America. The RAD Expo is the only national trade show fully dedicated to serving cannabis retailers. Over the next three years more than 10,000 cannabis stores will be licensed to open and many existing retailers will be looking for ways to insulate themselves from the new competition.

This October 23-24, thousands of cannabis retail owners, managers and buyers will attend the RAD Expo at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. The two-day event is strictly B2B and only qualified retail representatives will receive free access to the floor.

The RAD Expo will be hosted in the epicenter of cannabis retail. The Pacific Northwest is home to more than 1,000 cannabis retail stores; more than 190 of them in Portland, Oregon.


3,000+ cannabis retail owners and their employees

Only qualified retail representatives


The RAD Expo is 100% focused on cannabis retail

Business to business only

New stores

Cannabis is the fastest growing brick-and-mortar industry in North America

10,000+ cannabis stores will be licensed to open in the next three years


There is no better place for a cannabis retail trade show than Portland, Oregon. On top of being an inexpensive and beautiful travel destination, Portland is home to more than 190 cannabis retailers – the highest concentration of cannabis retail stores in the world. Due to competition many of the cannabis stores surrounding the RAD Expo are exemplary, streamlined businesses with high-end designs.

Washington’s top retail stores are also minutes away just across the bridge in Vancouver.


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