Weed the People (web series)

is developing a web-based video series titled “Weed the People” that will cover a wide range of cannabis-focused topics, including travel and tourism, media, business and medical benefits.

Elman, the CEO of One Nation TV, envisions a run of 13 half-hour episodes, but expects to have enough content once shooting has been completed for 20 or more episodes. Tuff TV is the broadcast partner of the series, Elman says. The goal is to both educate and entertain viewers, while telling the story of cannabis companies, products and the legalization movement.

“I wanted to really go out there and be able to tell these peoples’ stories,” he says. “I think the more we can spread the word in a fun, entertaining, but also serious way, the more this is going to help everybody in the industry.”

Elman says his professional background includes 30 years in television, with time at ABC, CBS and Court TV before forming his own production company.

There are several ways cannabis companies can be involved in the series, including in-show advertising and a variety of sponsorships and non-traditional advertising opportunities. Elman’s goal is to raise somewhere between $5,000 and $7,000 per episode, with prices ranging from $1,000 to $4,000 for advertising and sponsorships. However, not all content is pay to play. Elman says he doesn’t want the cost of filming and advertising to come at the expense of a good story.

“I don’t want to go to an organization like Weed for Warriors and have to get money from them, where the piece is worth more to the cause than it is to get a couple thousand dollars from a vape company showing off its product,” he says. “I will make things happen for people who want to make things happen. This project is really more important to me than the financial gain, at this point.”

For more information about advertising or sponsorships or to be involved with “Weed the People,” Lee Elman can be reached by email at Lee@onenationtv.com


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