Vaporizers have evolved and have spanned numerous consumption platforms over the years. For the uninitiated, the vast selection of vaporizers and its varieties can be somewhat overwhelming.

Today, we’ll talk about the basic consumption platforms in the vaporizer industry and how knowing the basic vaporizer varieties can help you achieve a better vaping experience.

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Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about the different varieties of vaporizers.

The common vaporizer varieties are desktop vaporizers, portable dab rigs, portable vaporizers, pen-style vaporizers, and mini-vapes (also known as pod vaporizers). These varieties continue to grow as the technology improves. Each variety caters to a certain niche in vaping for consumers with different requirements.

Here’s how they measure up.


Desktop Vaporizers

Desktop vaporizers personify the early stages of vaporizers. They’re big and clunky but they’re reliable and durable. Their larger builds also allow them to accommodate larger components and better technologies. Desktop vaporizers often require a secure connection from a wall socket to run and provide consistent power.

Because of how reliable these devices are, they have been the go-to vaporizers for medicating patients and have since then became the golden standard in vaping.


Portable Dab Rigs

While desktop units keep you tethered to your wall socket, portable dab rigs allow mobility and transportability while still delivering performance you’d normally get from a desktop unit.

These vaporizers bear a small resemblance to their forefathers. They’re large and will oftentimes have a decent weight to them. However, the sleek form factor is noticeable. Portable dab rigs are often built with some kind of water filtration unit on them which gives them the ability to provide moisture conditioned hits.

These types of vaporizers are famous amongst advanced recreational consumers but are also favored by medical users.


Portable Vaporizers

Portable vapes are one of the larger hand-held versions of vaporizers. Like portable dab rigs, portable vaporizers rely on rechargeable batteries for power. However, because of the reduction in weight and size, portable devices suffer from a loss in battery power which affects the longevity of these units.

Portable vaporizers will also have a smaller heating element and will only accommodate smaller volume of materials. They provide decent vapor production and the battery life will often suffice for several sessions.


Pen-Style Vaporizers

Vape pens or pen-style vaporizers are a cheaper alternative to the aforementioned varieties. They still offer decent performance but are oftentimes used as back-up units for when you need to consume your select materials when you go out and about.

Having said, the strongest suit of pen-style vaporizers isn’t in power or vapor production but in portability. It allows you to carry it with you virtually anywhere you go.

Pen-style vaporizers are the choice of many consumers. While often seen as an entry-level unit for beginners, vape pens have captured the hearts of advanced users and professionals who require a stealthy means of consuming cannabis.


Pod Vaporizers

Pod vapes are an even stealthier and a more discreet option. Being the smallest variety of vaporizers, pod vapes will have a very small battery and an even smaller receptacle for your materials.

Knowing the advantages of each type allows you to select a vaporizer that will suit you best.

For individuals who consume heavily and require a vaporizer that can take them through demanding sessions, desktop units are an ideal option. For people who value portability over power vape pens and portable vaporizers are often the best way to go.

Another way of choosing a vaporizer is by knowing what type of material it accommodates.


Dry Herb Vaporizers

Dry herb vaporizers are used to vaporize the actual plant matter. You can vaporize buds, flowers, and leaves. Dry herb vapes come in various varieties but the most common are desktop vaporizers and portable vaporizers.

Dry herb vaporizers use two heating techniques which produce slightly various results. Conduction vaporizers vaporizes plant matter by heating them as they come into contact with a heated surface while convection vaporizers use hot air to extract vapor from the plant.

Conduction vaporizers can vaporizer herbs at a faster rate but can burn them if you’re not careful. Convection vaporizers, on the other hand, ramps up at a slower rate but produces more flavorful clouds of vapor.

Depending on your preference, you can select either a conduction dry herb vape or a convection dry herb vape.


Wax Vaporizers

You guessed it, you use it for concentrates like wax, budder, shatter, and the likes.

Wax vaporizers are oftentimes conduction in nature as they use the heat of a surface to melt and vaporize the concentrates. These surfaces can range from minerals like ceramic or quartz. Like conduction and convection, quartz is known for its fast heating attributes while ceramic is known for its low and slow heating capabilities.

Quartz produces stringer and more potent vapor while ceramic yields subtle and flavorful ones.

If you like a calming and a relaxing buzz, ceramic wax vaporizers are a good way to go. But if you need that extra kick, go for quartz wax vaporizers.


Oil Vaporizers

Infused oil extracts are becoming popular because of their advantageous benefits. CBD oils give you that therapeutic and calming effect without the psychoactive high cannabis is known for.

Professionals who use CBD oils to help them deal with anxiety or a certain medical condition can rely on oil vaporizers. Oil vapes generally use cartridges that allow you to use oils on a wide variety of vaporizers.

Knowing what type of material vaporizers use and how they can be used to your liking and advantage can help you decide the best vaporizer for you.

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