The Postal Service

It seems that Donald Trump and his allies will stop at nothing to distract Americans from today’s real issues and the mountain of evidence that shows our president to be an incredibly inept leader — and the same goes for his brain-dead vice president, the Christian conservative who gave up all his morals, values and the teachings of Jesus for 15 minutes of fame and power.

Anyone with any common sense knows that Trump’s biggest cheerleaders will remain with him until the end. They have to. Idiots like Jerry Falwell Jr., Sean Hannity, Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh are basically entertainers who play to a specific — and mostly gullible — audience. They know Trump’s a phony, but don’t have the integrity to put their country in front of a paycheck.

Donald Trump’s latest target is the United States Postal Service, and he knows that criticizing it now will set him up to claim that mail-in ballots and problems with the Postal Service were part of a big fraud that cost him the election (even though Trump himself mails in his ballots in Florida).

Trump is nothing if not predictable. He blames everyone else for his problems, cannot apologize and refuses to accept responsibility for a long string of colossal blunders. Going after the Postal Service does a big disservice to the thousands of men and women who work there. Sure, I know they can be slow, and many of their procedures probably need updating. However, as a person who’s done a lot of traveling to other countries, I can assure you that the U.S. Postal Service is far more effective and reliable than the vast majority of the postal systems around the world.

I’ve always believed that one of the reasons far-right conservatives in this country complain as much as they do is because they’ve never experienced the real world outside their sheltered communities. They’ve never sat for two hours in a bank line to change a $20 bill in Zimbabwe, as I did in 1995. They’ve never experienced roads and traffic so bad that a 15-mile trip takes up to two hours, like when I was in the Philippines during my time in the Navy. They’ve never had to worry about their mail being stolen regularly like the citizens of most Central American countries.

No, in fact, in the United States, we have it incredibly good. Our water is generally clean, our roads work, our food is safe, the postal service gets the mail to us and electricity is delivered. For the most part, people pay their taxes and the country operates as a country should. In huge parts of the rest of the planet it isn’t like that. However, you’d never know it if the only vacations you take are to Florida or Hawaii, or worse, if you simply stay home in a small town in the middle of America and watch Fox News pundits endlessly complain about bad government officials that they, ironically, help get elected.

Our postal service may not be perfect, but it delivers our mail reliably and with minimal issues. It works.

Which is more than you can say that about the current administration.


Greg James



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