The next SMALL thing

NanoSphere Health Sciences is betting big on tiny

The next big thing in cannabis may just be smaller than ever.

NanoSphere Health Sciences is launching Evolve NanoSerum, a transdermal cannabis product that uses its new, patent-pending NanoSphere delivery system that shrinks cannabinoid particles to a minuscule size and also coats them in a natural lipid membrane for extremely fast absorption into the bloodstream.

“We’ve created a new carrier system for cannabinoids and we call these NanoSpheres,” says Richard Kaufman, chief science officer for the company. “We’re presenting a disruptive technology for a better way of benefiting from cannabis.”

Dr. Kaufman

Billed as “smart cannabis,” the tiny particles, delivered through a gel, are absorbed directly into the bloodstream and reach the body’s endocannabinoid system within minutes, much faster than smoking or ingesting. The company’s technology also delivers a consistent, precision-metered microliter dose at every use to ensure exact, repeatable amounts of the product.

The tiny, nano-encapsulated particles work fast because they are delivered through a true transdermal method, not a topical, allowing for a “rapid localized feeling of relief,” Kaufman says. The typical dose is about half the size of a pencil eraser.

“We’re talking about very small amounts that are very concentrated,” Kaufman says.

NanoSphere Health Services got its start in the Colorado medical marijuana market and continues to view its product through a mostly medical lens, which is why the company has focused on knowable, repeatable dosages. Kaufman says the company can use the nanotechnology to tailor cannabinoid and terpene percentages to pharmaceutical standards in a way that can “turn cannabis into a true medicine.”

However, the technology also applies to recreational uses, delivering a high quicker than other methods. The company will soon be rolling out nasal and oral varieties, which can be effective in less than 90 seconds, according to Kaufman.

“It’s a whole new way of recreational use,” he says.

NanoSphere Health recently leased its technology to a producer in California with plans to bring the Evolve NanoSerum to market this year.


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