Terpinator was developed for one purpose—to boost terpene production and enhance terpene profiles of cannabis strains. So that tangy berry aroma from Blue Dream smells even more enticing; Girl Scout Cookies’ sweet earthy tones get amplified; and the already intense spicy pine scent of Jack Herer is sent to the next level, thanks to Terpinator. The increased production of terpenoids and plant oils also leads to a nice uptick in your plant’s potency. When using Tepinator you will see a boost in the following characteristics of your plant:


Terpenes are directly responsible for the aromatics profile of your plant. Terpinator enhances your plant’s natural terpene profile to create a more powerful aroma and increased concentration of terpenes.


Flavonoids, which are produced in the head of the trichome, influence flavors during consumption. Terpinator maximizes your plants ability to produce and store flavonoids which are released during consumption.


The ‘entourage effect’; Terpinator increases the carrying capacity of trichomes on the plant, allowing them to produce and store more valuable compound needed for terpenoid production. These compounds are also used to produce secondary metabolites and/or plant oils which leads to an increase in potency.

How Terpinator Maximizes Terpenoid Production

Terpinator’s 0-0-4 formulation increases the terpenoid concentration in plants by providing the necessary building blocks for improved production. Using the natural process of osmotic regulation, Terpinator can travel into readily available areas in epidermal plant cell layers via pre-existing biological pathways, where it is stored until needed by the plant. As trichome structures begin to form, secondary metabolites (such as plant oils and terpenes) are produced in glandular sites fueled by a ready supply of Terpinator, which contains all necessary components for production. As more production occurs, more sites appear and begin actively producing, resulting in more storage capacity as well as production capacity. The more sites there are, the higher the overall production of terpenoids and plant oils—and when more oils are present in the plant, the more fragrant, potent and overall appealing it will be.

Using Terpinator

Terpinator was developed to be compatible with a cultivator’s existing nutrient regimen: Terpinator has a neutral pH, low ppm and contains no PGR’s or Heavy Metals. Simply add Terpinator and start seeing the benefits. For best results use Terpinator during the entire life cycle of the plant.

Terpinator is available in AUS, USA, SPN, UK, and CAN. For information on purchasing, contact your local Hydroponic retailer. For more product information email info@terpinator.com.


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