Seattle’s Lux Pot Shop forced to close for compliance violation

The Lux Pot Shop in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood is being forced to close for 15 days later this month due the store’s second compliance infraction.

According to a press release from an agency representing Lux, an employee at the store sold marijuana to a minor working as an undercover agent for the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board.

According to LCB spokesman Brian Smith, the violation occurred in February.

This is the second time an employee at Lux has been caught by the LCB selling to minors. The first instance resulted in a $500 fine. For the second infraction, the store faced a 30-day suspension, but the store and the LCB reached a compromise settlement on Feb. 28 resulting in the 15-day closure and a $3,100 fine.

A third violation within three years could mean loss of license.

According to Smith, the LCB tries to visit each retailer three times per year. He said the marijuana industry currently has a compliance rate of 92%, higher than any other sector the agency regulates.

“They’re doing a good job of it overall,” Smith said of retailer compliance.

Lux Pot Shop will be closed from March 13 to March 27. According to owner Kc Franks, during the closure, employees will “do clean-up and work on operational efficiencies, as well as take an entire day for a company-wide ID verification course with Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board enforcement officials.”

Also during the closure, Lux is offering to pay employees for volunteer hours. Staff members will be volunteering at Saint Luke’s Parish, helping serve food to community members in need and working to create a new program called “Beautify Ballard,” a recurring clean-up program.

The store is also planning a customer appreciation sale when it reopens on March 28.



3 responses to “Seattle’s Lux Pot Shop forced to close for compliance violation”

  1. Drew says:

    Have A Heart Fremont is the next closest shop. Right down Leary I’m downtown Fremont.

  2. Cheryl DelPriore says:

    I recently informed management of two incidents when I observed a person exiting the store and exchanging with a minor. I enjoy the convenience of the local pot shop but was afraid they would get shut down for these activities. How can they stop people with legit ID from buying for minors?

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