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Fairwinds is a Washington-based producer of highly engineered, cannabis wellness products. The company combines the philosophies and formulations found in eastern medicine practices with cutting edge cannabis cultivation and processing technologies.

Fairwinds has remained one of Washington’s highest-grossing cannabis businesses since it started in 2014. The company focuses on the medical value of cannabis and strives to bring higher standards for cultivation and patient safety to the industry. Fairwinds intends to launch its line of hemp-derived CBD products later this year.

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Uniweb is a leading designer and producer of retail storage solutions. The 40-year-old company offers retailers the flexibility to customize their retail environments with cost-effective merchandising and storage solutions such as clean-line wall storage panels, locking cabinets and adjustable-height workstations. Uniweb works directly with clients to build beautiful and durable storage solutions to help improve customer flow, space utility and to streamline any kind of retail operation. Uniweb products are made in the United States.

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For more than 20 years Futurola has been an international ambassador of the professional, legal cannabis industry. Futurola has built itself around supporting legal cannabis retail in the U.S. since the industry’s inception in 1996. Futurola has become a worldwide leader in rolling papers and product innovations such as the King Size Cone Roller, the Futurola Knockbox and the Futurola Shredder.

Owners Evert and Yvonne Brandenburg have spent roughly 40 years in the world of legal cannabis, including owning some of Amsterdam’s most renowned cafes and coffee shops throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s.

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Kilcktrack’s software monitors state regulations in real time and tracks hard-to-gage compliance issues such as customer purchasing limits. For Brendan Hill and Steven Kessler, the co-owners of Paper & Leaf, a retail cannabis store in Bainbridge, Washington, KlickTrack started as the missing components the duo wished they had in order to streamline their retail operations. Not willing to settle for the software solutions they were provided, Kessler and Hill co-founded KilckTrack to not only operate as point-of-sales software and manage inventory, but to also keep their business from violating state regulations.

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Salient Systems

A leader in the electronic security industry, Salient Systems has established itself as a national provider of video surveillance management systems with a wealth of experience in servicing the cannabis industry. The company provides scalable software solutions with a straightforward and cost-effective approach that saves cannabis operators time and money.

Founded in 1995, Salient Systems provides security solutions to numerous industries such as retail, banking and finance, health care, manufacturing, public schools and college campuses. The company’s software is capable of seamlessly integrating with existing security technologies.

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Jahabow provides custom displays and fixture solutions to some of the largest retailers in the country including: Sam’s Club, Kay Jewelers, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmart. For more than 40 years the company has established itself as a leading provider of secure, award-winning and customizable retail display cases and merchandising solutions. Jahabow uses zero-waste manufacturing. On average, the company’s top clients have been Jahabow customers for 16 years.

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What is RAD?

The Retail and Dispensary (RAD) Expo is the only trade show 100% dedicated to cannabis retailers and dispensary owners. The event provides cannabis retailers with free access to all the resources a retailer needs to succeed in the fast-growing cannabis industry. The third Retail and Dispensary Expo will be held at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon on October 23-24.

Marijuana Venture hosted the first RAD Expo in 2018 after publisher Greg James saw that cannabis retail was being largely ignored by other prominent industry trade shows.

“Many retail buyers don’t even attend the major industry trade shows because the exhibitors are mostly lighting, nutrient and extraction manufacturers,” James said. “And what’s worse is that most trade shows are charging qualified buyers a lot of money to get in the door. This is unheard of a non-cannabis shows like CES and E3.”

Exhibitors will include CBD and hemp companies, interior design, food and drink, security, merchandising, technology, displays, accounting, lighting and everything in between.

Retailers and dispensary owners from around the U.S. can find everything they need to operate in one organized, professional environment. RAD invites all cannabis retailers as well as health stores, pet stores, vape shops and other retailers looking to sell CBD and hemp products. EARLY REGISTRATION IS FREE

Seminars featuring retail experts, including: Bob Phibbs, Loretta Soffe and Megan Stone, touching on topics ranging from law to design and merchandising to Q&As with successful retailers.


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