Peter Ishak

Peter Ishak
Company: Polaris Wellness Center
Title: Chief strategic officer
Age: 37

He’s a Philly guy living and working in Las Vegas, but Peter Ishak sees California’s influence as being key to the success of the Polaris Wellness Center.

“One thousand percent,” he says. “I’ve been around a long time and I’ve seen this product and I know the best product comes from Southern California.”

Well, it used to anyway. Today, the best product might come from Ishak’s production facility, located “10 steps away” from where the new Raiders football stadium is being built in Las Vegas. Ishak says his company is growing strains he brought with him from his time in California’s medical industry that are high in THC and other cannabinoids, as well as high in terpenes, and continue to sell out regularly, even at the high price of $3,100 per pound.

Ishak left the East Coast for California after college in 2005 and found work building websites before creating a rudimentary software system for the state’s dispensaries. Seeing the potential, he got involved in the industry there, but left for the emerging markets of Arizona and Nevada. He still has interests in California and Arizona today, though his primary focus is Las Vegas, which he sees one day becoming “Little Amsterdam.”

Ishak says his passion lies in bringing together his connections in the medical, technology and cannabis fields to create “one awesome product” to help those who need or want it.

“This is something where I see a real benefit,” he says.


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