Oregon’s second season begins

Will Feetham is the vice president of the Oregon Sungrown Growers’ Guild.

As the weather improves and the sun makes itself felt more and more often, we are all busy preparing here at the northern tip of the Emerald Triangle. The second season of recreational cannabis in Oregon is creating a building and planting frenzy unlike any year we’ve seen before. Newcomers and long-established farms alike are looking to Salem to find out how state leadership will affect the upcoming year.

Medical growers, the backbone of the craft cannabis industry in Oregon, are feeling particularly under pressure as the tax revenue from recreational cannabis dominates the thinking of policy makers. The Oregon Sungrown Growers’ Guild continues to advocate for family farms and the rural way of life that makes Oregon such a unique and special place. Meanwhile, those of us in the fight continue to tend our seedlings and watch the weather forecast with a keen eye to see when our plants can leave the greenhouses and experience for themselves the full glory of the sun.

Despite change and upheaval, the cycle continues and we look forward to another beautiful summer and productive fall. Our vision of the prosperity that can be built for our communities and families from this burgeoning industry remains a bright hope on the horizon. The continued presence of family farms in the industry is a vital part of success for everyone in Oregon. We continue to do our work and look forward to a future where large and small producers alike continue to make Oregon the model for cannabis legalization nationwide.



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