Neil Juneja

Neil Juneja

Age: 38

Company: Gleam Law

Location: Seattle, Washington

Position: Founder and managing partner

An intellectual trademark attorney by training, Neil Juneja represented Cannabis City, when it received one of the first eight retail licenses in the state.

Juneja realized there were a relatively limited number of lawyers working in the cannabis field at the time.

“We had quite a bit of fun with it and decided to continue doing it,” he says.

Today, Gleam Law is one of the largest cannabis-focused law firms on the West Coast and recently opened a second office in Portland, Oregon. The firm has filed about 400 cannabis trademark applications and represents three publicly traded cannabis-related companies. The challenge, Juneja says, is dealing with ever-changing regulations and uneven enforcement.

But more than that, Juneja says his work is no longer just work to him.

“It’s not just ‘these are my clients,’” he says. “This is my community.”


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