Living the Dream: Trevin George

Trevin George
Extraction Manager
Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania
Sinking Spring, PA

I grew up in Southern Oregon, where, since I can remember, cannabis has always had a large presence. Because of its prevalence, I was exposed to it early on. Before I graduated high school, I had a basic understanding of the plant as well as how to grow, harvest and process it on a large scale in an outdoor environment.

My cannabis and extraction knowledge developed further at the University of Oregon (where I received a bachelor of science degree), not only from hands-on experience but also by reading published sources and listening to others’ experiences. After graduation, I quickly jumped into Oregon’s cannabis industry, where I gained considerable experience in extraction and processing, how the industry functions and what it takes to be successful in this blossoming market. I’m thankful for what I learned in Oregon and the mentors I came across; they taught me what was needed to be successful in my current role as extraction manager at Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania.

The cannabis industry may have been born in the West, but right now, the East Coast is booming with opportunity to begin or advance careers. But it is not for the faint of heart. Most, if not all, of the cannabis-related companies here are startups and require dedication and passion from all employees to succeed. It also takes a solid understanding of the plant material and proper cultivation and processing methods to produce the quality end-products that patients desire.

In order to produce a top-quality product, it is important to have the proper equipment. It is equally important to have a technician who knows how to operate and repair it, since even the best equipment breaks down. And equipment can’t tell you what the finished product is supposed to look like — that comes from the trial and error of experience and knowing how to manipulate variables such as temperature, pressure and time to achieve the consistency and quality patients look for. At Prime Wellness, we may be developing medicine for a mass market, but our attention to detail is what you’d expect from a craft product operation.

The potential benefits of medical cannabis are just beginning to be tapped, and our commitment to producing the best products that we can for our patients is unmatched in the Pennsylvania market. With growing demand and a world of possibilities, there couldn’t be a better time or place to be an extractor.



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