Living the Dream: Seth Oxhandler

Seth Oxhandler

Chief Science Officer

High Five Edibles 

Santa Fe, NM

When we started out as a manufacturer, one of the challenges we had to overcome was how to actually manufacture our product.

We had no infrastructure and started to fill a space piece by piece. At the time, no one else in the state would talk to us, and being meticulous people, we had to figure a lot of things out for ourselves. We bought books, researched information on the internet (mostly garbage at the time) and had the plant material from our own personal production license to experiment with.

Being family-oriented, we didn’t want to use harsh chemicals or poisons in our practice. We figured out a manual method using food-grade ethanol and augmented and automated it. We now produce cleaner lab samples in better concentrations on our first and only pass in three to four days less time than many of our peers.

As an edibles company, High 5 is focused on the fact that what we make goes into someone’s mouth. Utilizing the highest-quality ethanol sourced from our partners at the organic alcohol company and the highest-quality organic ingredients means you can taste the difference. This difference led to a great deal of interest in how we do the voodoo that we do. 

Seth and Brianna Oxhandler.

Shortly thereafter, we realized that we could fill a niche in the laboratory supply market for both a low-cost system and one that uses only food-grade ethanol. So, what started out as an edibles manufacturer has now spawned a laboratory supply company that focuses on getting people going from the ground up.

When we originally put our production facility together, we bought used equipment because of the cost considerations. High 5 Lab Supply is now in the process of setting up extraction, distillation and refinement with training on its super-CBD ethanol protocol for Best Dayz Dispensary. Because the install and set-up are occurring at the time of the writing, we expect them to be producing the highest quality oil without residual solvents in the next few weeks.



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