Living the Dream: Seth Oxhandler

Chief Science Officer

High Five Edibles 

Santa Fe, NM

As a manufacturer, we found that the crux of what we do is dependent on the quality of our extracts, and that is dependent on the quality of our solvent. For us, we have totally committed to working with organic, edible components, so we use ethanol.

In this genre of solvents, we have found a friend in the Organic Alcohol Company. A close, working relationship has allowed both companies to collaborate to each other’s mutual benefit. Upon request, the Organic Alcohol Company developed specialty organic alcohols that we now use in our line of craft cartridges. The Organic Alcohol Company has produced organic alcohol from lychee, coconut, orange and lemon. Utilizing specialty alcohol has enabled us to provide all-natural craft cartridges to our partners.

But after we finally secured our new facility, the next thing High Five needed was packaging for our products. 

Having previously worked at Fortune 500 companies, my thought in an undefined market was to work with a publicly traded company. I thought it would not only add validity to what we did, but that we could operate within normal business practices. What a mistake.

Going to the largest packing company just got us lost in the shuffle and forced us to work in its elongated corporate timelines. This ran counter to what we really needed and how fast we needed things to happen. As a startup, ordering labels in quantities of 10,000 and having to wait 90 days to get them put the brakes on production.

We needed to work with a resource that could produce a label design in a few days, not six weeks. We needed a resource that could answer a question and make something happen on the same day. We needed a resource that understood how a manufacturer works so that we could make changes and have the labels back in short time. Plus, we needed to be able to make small orders for test marketing.

THC Labels has exceeded my jaded expectations. They are able to produce art mock-ups for labels while we work with them on the phone. We utilize their expertise for sourcing a variety of materials that not only enhance the way our products look but allow us more flexibility than our competitors.

Working with companies who are partners — real partners who care and want to help you move forward — is as important as going to work.


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