Living the Dream: Ricky Burns II

Ricky Burns II



Bozeman, MT

Innovating new products and developing new product extensions is always my favorite thing, but my world isn’t just about flour and chocolate these days. In recent months the state of Montana has come under new regulations, including a mainstream compliance seed-to-sale software. We are racing toward our western friends in the world of cannabis, but it’s been quite the learning experience for me. Time management is crucial if you’re going to succeed in the modern-day cannabis revolution.

We have been developing new ideas and products in our kitchen, including the launch of our new line of Cannalectable Bars. They are highly concentrated, flavor-packed, square-portioned bars designed to give our patients more bang for their buck. New gelato flavors rolled out as well over the summer, including a flathead cherry gelato.

Working closely with athletes in a variety of sports locally, we have also found some great success in our CBD and topical lines. Our mentholated salve has become a hot seller thanks to our product integration into their workouts. It has been a great way to attract new patients to our dispensaries. Health and wellness plays a large part in the community here in Bozeman. Montana’s wondrous mountains, trails and great national parks attract many outdoor enthusiasts, and I look forward to the day we can serve an even wider community base.

I would like to end on some super positivity. A patient of ours, with the help of our medicine, recently saw her tumor shrink by almost half in only 16 days. It fills me with joy to know that the things we do change lives.

Even with all the extra work and regulations of compliance, we still have room and time for expansion and creation. Stay strong my friends.


One response to “Living the Dream: Ricky Burns II”

  1. Cindy Felton says:

    Ricky is my Son. He’s an awesome man!I am so thankful that he has found a way to help others including himself. I can’t tell you how many medications he has been on throughout his life. Not anymore! Thank you all for sharing his story, and making his dream become a reality. Sincerely, Cindy Felton

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