Living the Dream: Matt LaScala

Matt LaScala



Phoenix, AZ

As the outside temperatures start to drop, it is important to make all seasonal adjustments needed to ensure a seamless transition out of the hot summer in Arizona and into the (hopefully) more hospitable fall. By utilizing a 100% indoor cultivation space, seasonality is minimized but not removed. Strain selections to be flowered, run times on lamps, HVAC compatibility and crew availability should all be taken into consideration when trying to maximize efforts in the summer.

During the summer we change our light schedule to take advantage of the slightly cooler evening and morning temperatures, but in doing so we limit the amount of “working time” we have with the plants. Luckily, crew flexibility is a real thing; our staff understands the why behind the need and helps us accommodate the shift. Shortening the working time with the plants affects every department, from compliance verifying a plant count or conducting an audit, through harvest awaiting access to material for processing. Knowing that, summertime serves as a sort of working validation for new processes and procedures. I know for certain it has led to numerous found efficiencies.

We are hopeful to have our light schedule synchronized by the end of October, but that will of course be dependent on the outside temperatures. Switching itself is a painful practice, so to avoid reverting prematurely we like to observe a lengthy stretch of temperate days.


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