Living the Dream: Josh Fink

Josh Fink
Co-founder and executive chef
Medically Correct LLC
Denver, CO

My journey to becoming a co-founder and executive chef at Medically Correct LLC involves ice cream, dancing and chocolate. That may sound unusual, but my passion for cooking allowed me to be creative with food and ingredients and led me to where I am today.

When I learned from my grandmother at the age of 3 or 4 that you could make french fries at home, my mind was blown. I always loved desserts and would try to make all the delicious treats I learned about. As a teenager, I did the grocery shopping and helped plan family meals. But food was only a hobby; I grew up focused on becoming a classically trained, professional dancer. I stumbled into a position making ice cream to support my dance aspirations. When I realized I was getting paid to make food, I wanted to learn more than ice cream production. I attended the former Art Institute of Colorado in Denver and became a pastry cook, working in hotels, restaurants, catering and bakeries.

Food has always been a science to me. This understanding allowed me to develop experience adding cannabis to confections and pastry products. I was approached about making infused brownies and that conversation ultimately led to the creation of Medically Correct with the other founders. We started the incredibles brand of edibles to help others effectively incorporate cannabis into their lives and are now working on new brands to further this mission.

On most levels, there is no difference in our production process compared to a non-cannabis facility. Many days the aroma of cannabis is overpowered by the scent of other ingredients. If no one pointed out the active ingredient to a casual observer, it would look like any other food operation. Our biggest difference is the added regulatory oversight not found in a neighborhood bakery.

I look forward to sharing more on how I have applied my knowledge in food science to benefit the rapidly evolving world of cannabis and CBD.


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