Living the Dream: Jeff Yapp

Jeff Yapp
Golden Leaf Holdings/Chalice Farms
Portland, OR

Throughout the past few months, we’ve closely followed several principles to ensure that we are able to best serve our customers. Transparency is one of the most critical components of success for businesses throughout this time, followed by the trust in our team members and open communication. While I have always been proud of our team, they have shown up in a way that was far and beyond what we would have expected from them. Despite the chaos surrounding this time of uncertainty, they have remained focused and committed.

Fortunately for our business and for many dispensaries across the country, we have been deemed an “essential” business, which allows us to remain open and serve our customers. Our sales have been strong, and we’ve seen tremendous growth in the flower and edibles categories.

Recently, we’ve dedicated time and resources to our security. From COVID-19 to everything happening in downtown Portland, we’ve identified ways to keep our staff and customers safe. We’ve launched an in-house delivery service, an online ordering platform, curbside pickup and more, to adapt to restrictions and ensure that our customers can get the products they’re counting on.

To ensure our workspaces are as safe as possible, we immediately sent everyone that wasn’t essential to production to work from home. I’ve been pleased with how seamlessly the team has worked in a remote format, as they have exhibited great responsibility and communication, which has evolved to an even higher level of trust. At all of our workspaces and production facilities, we take temperatures daily, we require team members to wear face masks and social distance, and we have our own testing program for all employees.


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