Living the Dream: Danielle Rosellison

Danielle Rosellison
Trail Blazin’ Productions
Bellingham, WA

Can you believe that in today’s world, one of the only acceptable answers for being out of your home is that you are buying/selling/growing weed? #mindblown

In our hiring interviews we go over the same three things with everyone. One of them is the importance of being flexible and, man, am I glad. The last several weeks have been the epitome of going with the flow. And we remind our team, with every change, that we’re thankful for their fluidity.

Schedules are suddenly being made weekly. People take two weeks off for being in contact with COVID-19 or because they are, or live with, high-risk people. And when they are all ready to come back, the schedule gets made and someone in their house gets sick. #schedulechange

Thankfully, the governor designated cannabis as “essential” and Trail Blazin’ has work for our entire team, but we don’t have the space to keep everyone six feet apart and thus have had to cut shifts. Our four trimmers are now two trimmers. Our five packagers are now three. Our meetings have been moved to teleconference (while we’re all in the same building) or involve a very large circle with everyone as far apart as humanly possible.

Our team members who use public transportation are dealing with new capacity limits and don’t know if they will have a ride to work or not until they literally go to get on.

And our CEO is trying to balance parenting, working, being a full-time teacher (since school has been canceled for the rest of the year) and tech support for all these devices and programs that she has never used before but are now required for kids to learn and socialize. #justbreathe

Compassion is essential as personal circumstances leave each of us dealing with our realities in a different way.

Malleable is the name of the game. And as entrepreneurs, we are well suited for this and will continue to blaze the trail!

I still think art on the wall is important, like I wrote about last month, but will be the first to admit that maybe my husband’s priorities (preparing for coronavirus) were a little more important than mine.


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