Living the Dream: Brandon Miller

Brandon Miller
Director of Production
Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania
Sinking Spring, PA

Even the most carefully selected cannabis genetics with the greatest potential mean nothing without equal attention to cultivation methods. Although plant selection is the most impactful factor to the success of any cultivation, it is only part of the equation. There is literally an infinite number of expressions that genetically identical plants will display based on the cultivation methods used. In turn, there are numerous approaches that can be employed based on the application and goals.

Our focus at Prime Wellness of Pennsylvania is quality, which speaks to our custom-built, state-of-the-art, 30,000-square-foot indoor grow facility. Indoor cultivation facilities provide the ability to have maximum control of environmental factors such as light intensity, temperature, humidity, CO2 levels and air exchange.

They also give you the advantage of increased biosecurity, thus minimizing the risk of pests and disease and eliminating the need to use pesticides or fungicides.

Achieving high-quality cannabis on a commercial scale really comes down to the approach, rather than specific methods. Truly there are multiple methods that will achieve increased cannabinoid and terpene levels, desirable visual expressions and a final product that will provide a clean and smooth vaporization/combustion experience.

Most well-known cultivation methods are based around applying various types of stress to the plants in a specific way to induce a specific reaction. Although some of these tricks of the trade are extremely effective, we feel it is more important to focus on cultivating healthy plants, especially when quality is your main goal. Understanding this seemingly obvious concept is probably the most important factor in being able to consistently produce quality cannabis on a commercial scale, especially when cultivating a large diversity of strains. Having said that, finding specific methods to push the limits of each individual cultivar is key to take the results to the next level.

The most underrated aspect of producing quality cannabis on a commercial scale is the drying and curing process. The curing process is essential to providing a smooth vaporization/combustion experience, because it removes undesirable compounds like chlorophyll and excess sugars in the plant material. While the science behind this is complicated, a proper cure is achieved by simply drying the material slowly to allow these undesirable compounds to fully escape the plant material before the excess moisture does.

Ultimately, the most important aspect in cultivating quality cannabis in any application is the ability to “read and feed.” As living things, plants will always give signs indicating their specific needs. The ability and experience needed to interpret these signs and confidently react to them on a daily basis is the single most important aspect of being a successful cultivator.


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