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Amy Andrle


L’Eagle Services

Denver, CO

From seed to sale, cannabis cultivators have every opportunity to improve sustainable practices throughout their grow. Small operational changes can have a positive effect for a business’ bottom line while reducing environmental impact and ensuring customers have access to a sustainable, quality product. L’Eagle recently achieved Clean Green Certification, which requires a comprehensive review of sustainable measures in place. Here are just a few of the tools and techniques we are incorporating into our operation:

– Lighting: Switching to high-performance LED lights allow for a more controlled cultivation environment. LEDs consume less electricity, operate on an optimized light spectrum and are less prone to burning — making them very efficient for growing cannabis in a greenhouse environment. We currently use Thrive Agritech LEDs in our nursery and have cut down our energy use by 45% without altering our cultivation process.

– Nutrients and Beneficials: Soil growers know how vital nutrient selection is to achieving the ideal finished flower. By adding an organic soil amendment, cultivators will not only increase essential nutrients and minerals but enhance the growth and vitality of their plants. We use Key To Life nutrients. Along with being made from high-quality inputs, Key To Life amendments are all organic-based powders, produced here in Denver. We use them to create custom formula blends. The result is a much smaller carbon footprint for our fertilizer use and a tastier product from the organic inputs.

L’Eagle only uses OMRI-certified oils, bio-fungicides/insecticides, bactericides and beneficial insects in our cultivation. As a commercial operator, the labor, safety and overall product quality benefits of biological pest management regimen make it a no-brainer.

– Heating and Cooling: A well-designed HVAC system contributes to the overall profitability of the business by reducing energy waste. Climate control systems account for nearly 50% of the total energy consumption in an indoor cultivation facility. The vast majority of greenhouse facilities are modified and not built for the purpose of cultivating cannabis. This can strain every sustainability effort by the business and is a major contributing factor to the “energy hog” label the industry has received.

We implemented a system of insulation and HVAC efficiency, including odor control and pest prevention, to reduce our energy output, provide our employees with a safe work environment and cut down operating expenses.

Our mission is to be as sustainable as possible and to provide consumers with access to 100% clean cannabis. We are constantly exploring new ways for our business to reduce energy and water usage, cut down on waste and improve our landfill diversion rate by incorporating the most environmentally friendly techniques and technologies for cultivating clean cannabis, all while keeping an eye on our bottom line.



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