Living the Dream: Matt Lascala

Matt LaScala



Phoenix, AZ


Middle-late flowering is arguably one of the most gratifying times of the cultivation process. Flowers are becoming established, trichomes are much more pronounced and terpene expression is detectable.

At this point of the life cycle, less is more. All you really want to do now is make sure your plants make it to the finish line as healthy and happy as possible. All the time, care and concern you applied in propagation and throughout vegetative growth is now going to pay off. Keep a close eye on your trichome heads and take note as they mature. They are typically a good indicator of ripeness.

Pressures, however, are now much more difficult to deal with, as the flowers are more susceptible at this stage, so make sure you stay diligent with scouting. A pre-harvest pruning can serve a dual purpose for the grower, as it cleans up the plants for easier harvest and also allows for another hands-on final inspection.


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