Jamie Rosen

40 Under 40

For the past five years, the Marijuana Venture staff has compiled an annual list of some of the brightest young leaders and influencers in the cannabis industry. As in past years, we have narrowed the list from hundreds of worthy candidates to present 40 individuals from the vast and ever-changing business in the United States and Canada.

It is our honor to share their stories.

Jamie Rosen

Age: 35

Company: Dr. Dabber

Title: Founder and CEO

After expanding across the United States, winning numerous awards at cannabis cups and being heralded as “the future of cannabis” by Forbes, Dr. Dabber has reached the pinnacle of success for a vaporizer business. But CEO Jamie Rosen says the company is always working toward its next milestone.

Rosen says Dr. Dabber will be launching several new products in 2020 as well as making the brand’s international debut this fall at a trade show in Spain. In addition to Dr. Dabber’s ability to constantly reinvent itself, Rosen says the company prides itself on in-house engineering, patented products and industry-leading customer service. In 2019 Dr. Dabber won a Stevie Award from the American Business Awards organization for its customer service.

“Operating in an ever-changing industry means constant innovation for Dr. Dabber,” Rosen says. “Since 2013, Dr. Dabber has worked tirelessly to stand out among competitors.”


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