Marijuana Venture introduces monthly investment section

As the marijuana economy moves from the underground to the mom-and-pop and finally to the corporate world, more and more investment money is pouring into the cannabis space.

Starting with the June issue, Marijuana Venture will publish a monthly Investors Forum section that will include news from investment funds, profiles of companies looking to raise capital and informational columns about investment opportunities, best practices and the volatile market of cannabis stocks. The cornerstone of the section will be short profiles of companies that are seeking capital or partnerships to start or expand their business and to get their brand out in the public eye, whether it’s a tech company, innovative new growing equipment, an existing license for sale or a state-licensed cannabis business looking for private funding in lieu of traditional financial services.

If you’re interested in having your company or product profiled, email

Here are two examples, published in the July issue of Marijuana Venture:

KB Essentials

KB Essentials is seeking $3 million for 70% equity.

KB Pure Essentials is a lifestyle company offering an all-natural line of wellness and beauty products formulated with CBD. The company’s goal is to bring the life- and health-changing benefits of CBD to everyone through easy accessibility, while leading the way in community education. Driven to create a high-quality, revolutionary line of products, the founders embarked on a journey of research and development, rooted in science and the medicinal benefits of hemp/CBD. The result is a full line of all-natural, top-quality, highly effective hemp CBD oil wellness and beauty products.

KB Pure Essentials exists because Katie Moodie and Brooke Brun have experienced the powerful benefits of cannabis. It is their mission to break the stigma surrounding this super herb, while providing quality products that can truly help change lives.

Having dealt with health challenges related to epilepsy, Brun began to suffer from the side effects of her anti-seizure medication. Feeling frustrated with her situation, she believed there had to be a better, more natural way to treat her condition. With help from Moodie, they started to research reports on CBD (a non-psychoactive compound in cannabis) being used to treat children with epilepsy. After testing several different brands of CBD products on the market at that time, none of them provided the results they were hoping for. This led to the idea of making the CBD oil themselves and incorporating into their current product line.

In a space where many players take shortcuts, KB Pure Essentials employs a complex, proprietary, whole-plant extraction method to create oil rich in hemp compounds, terpenes, proteins and vitamins.

Future goals include going public on the Canadian Stock Exchange and Nasdaq.

For more information, contact: Katie Moodie (Founder): 858-945-1939,; or Brooke Brun (Founder): 858-945-1652,

Trella Technologies

Trella Technologies was founded by mechanical engineers with a passion for innovating in the vertical farming and legal cannabis industries. The company’s first product is the world’s first fully-automated system for training tall plants to grow horizontally.

Trained plants can be put into small spaces like vertical farms without the stress and wasted time of manual plant training. (To see it in action, check out Trella Technologies’ YouTube page.) This is particularly advantageous for tall strains of cannabis, like sativas, and hemp. Trella’s target customers are indoor growers looking to diversify their product offering without completely overhauling their existing setups.

The team at Trella has experience in various areas within the engineering field, from product development and creation to team management and on-site consulting. CEO Aja N. Atwood and inventor Andres “Dre” Chamorro III prototyped and built Trella’s unique plant-training solution. At every step they got input from experienced growers, incorporating feedback to improve the design.

Trella’s mission is to provide solutions that positively impact the global indoor farming market, from cannabis cultivators to vertical farms serving urban food deserts. With the successful launch of its flagship product, the company will continue to innovate in ways that make indoor farming more sustainable, more energy efficient and more accessible.

Prospective investors can get additional information by emailing or visiting the website

The company recently launched its Indiegogo campaign. Supporters can make contributions to the advancement of this revolutionary technology and indoor farming system in any denomination at A variety of rewards are available to contributors as a token of thanks for their confidence in Trella.


To submit a news item or investment opportunity, email for more information.

Marijuana Venture does not endorse any of the opportunities or claims listed in this magazine. All investors must conduct their own due diligence and be aware of all risks before investing money. Marijuana Venture will not be held liable for any direct or indirect damages based on the use of any content in this magazine, which is solely for informational purposes. 


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