The agreement will see the Canadian cannabis producer benefit from the acquisition of premium cannabis strains

INDIVA Ltd. (TSX Venture:NDVA) announced today that they’ve entered into a strategic agreement with Swiss cannabis producer Medropharm GmbH and Greenfields Health Care S.A.  The strategic cooperation agreement was struck for Medropharm GmbH and Greenfields S.A. to provide exclusive supply of multiple premium cannabis strains intended for cultivation by INDIVA Ltd.

INDIVA Ltd. has been granted exclusive Canadian rights to import, cultivate and sell three premium high-CBD/low-THC cannabis strains.  INDIVA Ltd. will also be privy to research data, treatment uses and the chemical composition data of each strain specified in the agreement, with additional cultivation guidance made available to INDIVA Ltd.

This agreement is expected to be acted upon in early 2018, with INDIVA Ltd. CEO Niel Marotta making the following statement.  “Through our relationship with Medropharm and Greenfields, we not only gain access to certain in-demand high-CBD cannabis strains, we will also benefit from their extensive research and innovation.”

This agreement is just another step in the right direction for INDIVA Ltd. as the two global companies have a great reputation in the world of cannabis production.

The benefits of having Medropharm GmbH on your side 

Medropharm GmbH is a company that specializes in creating premium grade cannabis strains for use in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries.

Medropharm GmbH states, We seek specific genetic traits that facilitate cutting edge farming techniques and efficient recovery of high-quality cannabinoids.”

The company uses modern facilities and a variety of different techniques to produce some of the best cannabis strains available for their intended uses.  Their commitment to research and the testing of each and every strain is one of the main reasons INDIVA Ltd. has entered into this agreement with Medropharm Gmbh.  This agreement helps to enforce INDIVA Ltd.’s position as a premium producer that puts cannabis quality and customer well-being above everything else.

Another great thing about having a relationship with Medropharm GmbH, aside from the cannabis strains they produce, is their emphasis on research and the consistency of product quality.

According to Medropharm GmbH, the company is engaged in “breeding programs to develop a variety of germplasms with special features for cultivation of medical cannabis.”  Medropharm GmbH also states, Our research is conducted largely in vitro, i.e., in test tubes. In vitro research involves studying organisms under artificial experimental conditions. Biological experiments can be monitored better in vitro than in vivo. We seek specific genetic traits that facilitate cutting edge farming techniques and efficient recovery of high-quality cannabinoids.”

Every strain INDIVA Ltd. has acquired licensing for has been thoroughly researched and scientifically tested to ensure it provides the expected results – repeatedly.  This means that all aspects of cannabis production, extraction, processing, handling and manufacture of end products can be repeated indefinitely with the same high level of results.

“We place the greatest emphasis on repeatable production processes, and we strive to attain the highest standards of quality at every stage of processing, from cultivation and handling to the manufacture of finished products.” – Medropharm GmbH.

With possible access to the best practices, methods and wealth of experience that a company like Medropharm GmbH can provide, INDIVA Ltd. can possibly further refine their own processes and products for better results in every aspect of their business.

Also, don’t forget… INDIVA Ltd. are getting exclusive Canadian rights to some great high-CBD/low-THC strains to cultivate for clients…

Medropharm GmbH knows how to create and deliver the cannabis products people want.  They are experts in all facets of cannabis – from producing and processing, to marketing and bringing products to consumers.  This knowledge is extremely valuable to a licensed producer like INDIVA Ltd.

What about Greenfields S.A.?

Greenfields S.A. is a Brazil based initiative dedicated to the development of phyto-cannabinoid products based on professional laboratory research as well as international studies tested and verified in North America and Europe.  The company is recognized as a pioneer in the study and development of health care solutions for clients with complex pathologies.  Composed of a qualified executive team from Switzerland, Germany, Brazil and Uruguay – Greenfields S.A. has extensive experience providing products that meet the extremely detailed and regulated quality standards laid out by the International Health Regulations for hospitals, clinics and pharmacies worldwide.  Its production centres are internationally certified by the German Government for good practices in the production of medicines (GMP) and inspected by ANVISA and the FDA.

Greenfields S.A. knows how to produce certified cannabis products that adhere to international quality standards and guidelines.  Access to premium strains and a large knowledge base could provide huge benefits.

Who stands to gain from this agreement?

The question we all want to have answered is “What impact this is going to have on INDIVA Ltd.?”  Well, the full impact remains to be seen but one thing is for sure – it’s going to be positive.

INDIVA Ltd. has now secured agreements with two global companies, each a leader in their respective fields.  This agreement shows investors that INDIVA Ltd. is continuing with its efforts to source the very best in premium cannabis strains and scientific research data available for medical and consumer markets.  At the same time, they are gaining insights into possible best practices to pursue and potential ways of maximizing efficiency throughout their entire process.  Connecting with two global companies that possess extensive knowledge in extraction, production, processing and marketing of premium cannabis and cannabinoids is a great step towards the future for INDIVA Ltd.

As investors, we should see the potential gains and increased efficiency that an agreement like this will have down the road for INDIVA Ltd.


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