A few years ago, the San Diego Chargers were considering a move northward to Los Angeles. Joking about the possible move in his monologue, Conan O’Brien said, “They could be here for the 2016 season, or the 2017 season depending on traffic.”


Remember, Conan records his show in LA, but it airs globally. That’s how insane LA traffic is: You can make jokes about it on a show that airs in almost every continent on Earth, and rest assured that everyone will know what you’re talking about. LA traffic is bad.

That’s why Grassdoor is really something special. From the company’s inception, we’ve always strived to maintain a 30-minute delivery time. That’s a standard no other dispensary in the city can claim. Weed delivery in Los Angeles isn’t easy when, even in light traffic, it can take hours to get from the eastern edge of the city to the beach. And during rush hour, well… you’d better have lots of podcasts and audiobooks loaded up, because you’re going to be in the car a while. But Grassdoor still offers a 30-minute delivery time.


So. How do we do it? How do we provide quality cannabis products with fast, affordable, and reliable delivery service?


We’re not about to reveal any trade secrets. But we can say that everything we do as a company – every decision we make – is geared toward maintaining speedy delivery. Our business model relies on having a team and a workflow that come together seamlessly to achieve 30 minute weed delivery in Los Angeles.


Part of it is proprietary technology – we’ve perfected a logistics model that makes our business possible. But despite the fact that we’re a web-based company that leverages the gig economy to deliver weed to our customers more quickly than the competition, technology is really only the starting point. Scaling tech is relatively simple – but as Grassdoor grows its customer base, we pride ourselves in focusing on the key component to our success: Our team.


As our company grows, scaling up our human resources is the most important challenge for us to meet. We don’t think of our drivers as just drivers; we think of them as mobile budtenders, and our standards for them are high. Maintaining those standards means:


Finding good people. Our drivers aren’t just transporting flower and edibles and cartridges from one place to another. They’ve got to be friendly. They’ve got to be passionate and knowledgeable about cannabis. They’ve also got to be thoroughly background checked and trustworthy.


Training those people. Once we’ve checked their backgrounds and references, we put our drivers through an intense multi-day training course, then test them on our menu and our standard operating procedures. We also train them in key marketing and customer service messages. It’s a multi-week process, and because our growth rate is so impressive, we’re always in the process of training new drivers to safely deliver orders from 10am to 10pm, 365 days a year.


Managing it all. This is where our AI-powered tech comes in. We use the most advanced proprietary technology to manage every aspect of getting your weed to you as quickly as possible. Grassdoor is the result of a large team of amazing humans becoming super-powered through the use of good tech. We’re a testament to great jobs being created as a result of good tech. And we’re committed to using that good tech to revolutionize weed delivery.


Look: you do a lot of waiting. Even in a culture where everything moves faster than it did yesterday, you still do a lot of waiting. Like when it’s 6:30pm and the grocery store only has one register open. Or when the only time you have to visit the bank is during your lunch hour, when everyone else is going to the bank too. Or the time you spend on Tuesday, from 9am to 4pm, which is when the cable company told you the repair guy would come, but he doesn’t come until 5pm, and wait, you wanted the repair guy? Because he’s an installation guy.


Ordering cannabis shouldn’t be as inconvenient as waiting for the cable guy. No one wants to wait around all day for a cannabis delivery. If you get home from work at 7pm, and you know you’re heading out again at 7:30, Grassdoor wants you to feel confident that you can order your medicine and have it in your hands before it’s time to go out again. Every day has lots of little disappointments – heck, dealing with those disappointments is why many of us use weed in the first place. We promise we’re never going to be one of those disappointments. Thirty minute delivery. You can count on it.


Despite the hurdles and complexities of running a business, despite the ever-changing face of the cannabis industry, despite the nonstop calendar of hiring and training new budtender/drivers, Grassdoor is still delivering faster than ever before.


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