Christopher Dell’Olio

Christopher Dell’Olio
Company: WebJoint
Title: Co-founder and CEO
Age: 24

For Christopher Dell’Olio, the “a-ha moment” came when he saw a dispensary owner California’s San Fernando Valley trying to take his business to the next level using pen and paper to track sales, revenue and inventory.

It was soon after that when Dell’Olio pivoted his web development firm from creating websites to building a software solution for dispensaries in the California market. Today, the company has changed its focus again, now concentrating on delivery and allowing brands to connect directly with consumers — even if the brand doesn’t have its own retail license.

Using the WebJoint platform, customers can order a product directly from a brand’s website and have that product delivered directly to their door by one of the state’s licensed delivery services.

“What we started to understand is that when it comes to delivery, because you can’t actually see the product before it’s delivered, you’re typically ordering a brand,” Dell’Olio says. “The consumer has the experience of ordering from the brand, even though they are really ordering from one of our licensed retailers that utilize our management software.”

Prior to working in software, Dell’Olio worked in the music industry and sees cannabis as a similar bridge between “culture and corporate.” WebJoint appears to be doing just that, having raised $4.5 million in venture capital thus far.

“It’s really cool to be solving problems in an industry that hasn’t been figured out yet,” he says.



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