Black Tie Couriers

Black Tie Couriers of Seattle was one of the first businesses in Washington to receive a transport license and began legally moving marijuana around the state in early January, allowing producers and processors to focus on their business instead of shipping their product to store shelves.

Based on the distribution model used in the beverage industry, Black Tie Couriers promises a “discreet, safe and legal way to transport business-to-business” in the Evergreen State, co-owners Sal and Vince Packard say. The company uses unmarked cargo vans that are customized to meet additional state transportation regulations to move cannabis products, including useable marijuana, concentrates, infused products and even live plants from any licensed business in the state to another.

The company plans to provide Tier 1 and Tier 2 producer/processors with a way to compete with larger grows by reducing transportation needs and costs.

“Our goal is to support these small- and mid-size players by providing this delivery service and help them expand their business,” Sal Packard says.

“Our mission is to give our customers the peace of mind knowing their products are moving from point A to point B with the utmost care and professionalism,” Vince Packard adds.

Black Tie Couriers will set up standard routes so businesses can know where they will be each day and plan accordingly. The company also use a tamper-evident, single-use locking system on all its transports for tracking purposes. Its vans meet all state regulations for the transport of marijuana.

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