Bang for the Buck

Anybody who’s ever shopped for, or sold, CBD products at retail knows there’s a tremendous price disparity between the highest priced brands and the lowest priced — even within similar product categories, such as tinctures.

In analyzing data from about 1,600 CBD oils on the market, CBD Validator CEO Robert Portman says that huge disparity was one of the first things that jumped out at him.

“Looking at all the products in our database, regardless of concentration, the average cost of CBD is about 12 cents, but it ranged from a low of 3 cents per milligram to a high of $1.99 per milligram,” Portman says.

CBD Validator uses “cost per dose” as one of the metrics to rank CBD products — however, that measurement is dependent on how each brand defines a “dose.”

Marijuana Venture’s research found two products with an online price or manufacturer’s suggested retail price of about 3.33 cents per milligram of CBD: the MedJoy Super Strength CBD ($239.95 for 7,200 milligrams) and the Lazarus Naturals High Potency Full Spectrum ($200 for 6,000 milligrams).

Lazarus Naturals director of government affairs Dylan Summers says the company has always believed everyone should have access to high-quality CBD, so affordable options were part of its mission from the beginning.

“Our company is vertically integrated, from our Central Oregon hemp farms to our in-house extraction, formulation and packaging,” he says. “It allows us to deliver the lowest cost-per-milligram CBD tinctures, balms, capsules and more.”

The company also offers an assistance program that provides a 60% discount to veterans, individuals on long-term disability and low-income households.

Other “bang for the buck” brands Marijuana Venture found include Green Owl (4 cents/milligram), Verdant (4.1 cents/milligram); Laura’s Mercantile (4.3 cents/milligram) and Extract Labs (4.5 cents/milligram).

Although CBD is a relatively new mainstream product, Portman says “the marketers are naïve to think the consumers don’t implement a price-value equation when they buy a product.”

— Garrett Rudolph


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