TEMPE, Ariz., – (July 11, 2017) — Arizona-based motocross athlete and internationally published model Stephanie Pietz will compete at ESPN’s X Games 2017. The annual extreme sports event will take place July 13-16, at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Pietz has been actively involved in the Motorsports industry for over a decade and is part of a minority of women professionals in the extreme sports arena competing in the World Off-Road Championship Series (WORCS).

Among the 40 riders at X Games there will be only three women competing in flat track, including Pietz. She will race for the Suicide Machine Co team alongside owners Aaron and Shaun Guardado and James Cyphers (aka Jimmy Burnouts).

This will be Pietz’s second race in flat track on a Harley Davidson, after finishing third in her first race at the The Battle of Buckeye in May 2017.

“X Games is the Olympics of extreme sports. To be invited to compete is a huge accomplishment,” stated Pietz.

This is the first time X Games will be hosted in the Twin Cities. General Admission ticket holders will have access to the Suicide Machine Co pits for an increased fan experience. For more information or to purchase tickets visit xgames.espn.com.

Sponsored by Weedmaps, Molly Water and WyldBus.com, Pietz has also represented high-profile companies from Rockstar Energy to Lucas Oil.

Weedmaps is the world’s oldest and largest marijuana technology company. Founded in 2008, it is a global brand with offices in Irvine, Denver, New York, Toronto, Barcelona and Berlin.

Molly Water is an all natural, pure mineral and trace element complex designed to create a perfect internal pH balance.

WyldBus.com specializes in building vintage 23 Window Volkswagen buses and FJ Land Cruisers that are retro fitted with modern amenities while keeping the nostalgic appeal and preserving the vintage lifestyle.

“The fact that I can be an inspirational role model, like the one I didn’t have growing up, is a feeling that is irreplaceable. You don’t have to stop acting like a girl just because you can hang with the guys on the track,” said Pietz.

For more information on Stephanie Pietz visit stephaniepietz.com.



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