Ardent’s suite of technology, tools, and kits, includes something for everyone

Over the past 4 years, Ardent has been putting the power back into the consumers hands. It’s not often that the consumer gets to customize their dose, starting material, infusion medium, and final product, but Ardent encourages DIY product creation – boasting over 97% cannabinoid activation, with the ability to decarb, infuse, bake, and melt all in one functional unit.

The Ardent Nova takes the guesswork out of the decarboxylation process in a single button step. Plant material becomes bio-available CBD and THC without the headache. Traditional decarb methods like the oven, toaster oven, and crock pot, face issues like temperature instability, and often either burn off cannabinoids, or fail to fully activate them in the process. Ardent has carefully studied the science of decarboxylation and infusion, and developed technology to save cannabis consumers both money and precious plant material.

Because there’s no minimum amount you can decarb or infuse at a time, consumers can activate their preferred quantity of material to make precisely dosed treats. Precision dosing ensures a comfortable, predictable experience every time you medicate.

For consumers, cultivators, and home growers, stems and sugar leaves can be decarbed to activate the leftover trichomes on the material for topicals or edibles, giving you the most of your grow.

Ardent technology is air-tight, leaving consumers with an aroma-free decarboxylation process, and keeping your at-home consumption discreet from neighbors.

The Ardent suite of products teaches consumers that they’re not stuck with dispensary edible and topical options that may not fit their parameters for price, dosing, allergies, sensitivities, dietary needs, or preferences. It inspires patients and consumers to customize their experience from start to finish. Users can infuse multiple courses of high-end food, or simply mix decarbed bud into their normal meals.

After tons of love and support for the Nova, Ardent brought decarboxylation to business owners in the cannabis industry this year, with the launch of the Ardent Flex. The Flex has 3.5x the capacity of the Nova, allowing companies to decarboxylate a lot more bud at a time.

Dispensary owners no longer need to pay to send their material out for decarb! To put things into perspective, assuming there’s a standard 15% THC in your starting material, in just one

cycle of the Flex (under 2 hours) the dispensary can decarb up to 3 and ½ ounces of herb. Now the dispensary owner has a total of 14,700 mg activated THC ready to be infused! To create a

decent 50mg edible, the owner is looking at almost 300 edibles ready to sell. At $10/edible, that’s almost $3,000 in revenue for the owner. By comparing the Flex’s $350 price point to its value, it becomes a very practical investment for all dispensaries and suppliers to own a Flex.

As the baby boomer population continues to grow, there’s increasing demand for caregivers. If the patient is unable to prep their own medication, it’s important that the process is simple and understandable for a caregiver who may have no prior experience working with cannabis. Since older patients tend to have more sensitivities, and may be unable to inhale, THC or CBD treats, capsules, and tinctures are a preference for these patients, as well as low, precisely measured doses. The Flex makes it even easier for caregivers, by providing designated buttons for THC activation, CBD activation, infusing, and baking. Each step can be performed in the same heated, dual sensor core, and after use, it can be placed in the dishwasher to clean.

Ardent is thrilled to bring precision decarboxylation to the industry level, and is currently prototyping a powerful decarboxylator optimized with a digital screen display, that can hold up to 5 lbs of marijuana in just one cycle; that’s 2,240 grams at once, or roughly 336,000 mg of THC! We call this commercial beast the “Indy,” as a nod to its industrial strength. Once complete, the Indy will become the only commercial, large scale marijuana decarboxylation oven on the market throughout the world. As the corporations that dominate in medicinal-only states need to meet the growing demand for topicals, edibles and other ingestibles, and consumption becomes more mainstream, Ardent technology sits on the forefront of accessibility for both the consumers, caregivers and the corporations.


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