The hemp & cannabis industry is filled with many types of growers.  From small home cannabis growers meticulously crafting their own personal supply to industrial scale hemp growers managing hundreds of acres of planted product.  At every level of the production scale there are unique challenges growers face.  Thanks to CenturionPro, trimming is no longer one of those challenges.  With the recent launch of their XL Industrial Trimmers, CenturionPro has become the first company in the world to truly offer a trimmer for every harvest size.

Trimming Solutions for Small-Scale Growers

Most home growers have a very small operation of only a few marijuana plants under one or two grow lights.  Especially in Canada, where it is now legal to grow up to 4 cannabis plants per household.  With most plants producing around 1-2 lbs of dry weight marijuana, most home grows will do all the trimming by hand to have full control over the quality of their flower.  However, long gone are the days of inferior trimming machine technology that dominated the landscape for decades.  Today’s automated trimming technology produces a product barely distinguishable from a hand trimmed flower.

Leading the way in this field are the tumbler trimmers by CenturionPro.  The adjustable suction system and dual-purpose tumblers offered by these machines allow growers the flexibility of trimming either wet or dry product.  This has led some of even the smallest home growers to start machine trimming instead of trimming by hand.  A great fit for smaller grows is the CenturionPro TableTop.  In just a few hours, this machine will trim what would typically take a grower days to do by hand.  This dramatic time savings allows this machine to pay for itself in just a few harvests, and can provide over a decade of trimming.

Trimming Solutions for Medium-Sized Operations

Despite the industry trending towards scaling up, medium-sized operations remain a significant portion of the growing community.  This is largely due to more small-scale operations scaling up to medium than medium size operations are scaling up to large.  As reported by Health Canada, 350 acres of land was used for indoor and 450 acres for outdoor cannabis cultivation in 2019. The number of licensed producers to grow outdoors also doubled to 46 from the previous year. And approximately 70 more companies are still pending regulatory approval.  A similar trend was seen in the US, but statistics are difficult to confirm due to the lack of federal legalization.

It is in this production category that we see the broadest variety and styles of grow operations.  Mostly indoor and greenhouse in nature, but there are also plenty of outdoor operations.  Mostly marijuana growers, but not completely uncommon to see hemp growers in this category also.  Especially those catering to smokable CBD flower.  It is at this level where we see automated trimming machines go from a luxury item to almost a necessity, especially with the evolving socio-economic situation growers are facing.  This year, production has taken a major hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down many greenhouses and the overall process being affected by it.

This is where CenturionPro comes to the rescue with 3 trimmer models that meet the needs of operations at every level of this production category.  The CenturionPro Mini and Original can run up to 50lbs/hr wet (10lbs/hr dry) and 75lbs/hr wet (15lbs/hr dry) respectively.  This throughput covers the needs of most growers, but for the largest within the category of medium-sized operations there is also the double tumbler CenturionPro Gladiator at 125lbs/hr wet (25lbs/hr dry) trimming capacity.

For Large-Scale Operations

With the official launch of the triple tumbler 3.0 trimming machine in the fall of 2018, CenturionPro became the standard for large-scale operations looking to efficiently produce a trimmed product.  Whether it was to meet the needs of a growing market for smokable flower or to meet the requirements of finicky concentrate processors, large-scale operations had a brutal time finding trimming machinery in 2019 due to short supply.  To meet the demand, CenturionPro ramped up production of the Gladiator and 3.0 models and saw a breakout year as a result.  It is hard to imagine, at a throughput rate of up to 200 lbs/hr wet (40lbs/hr dry), but many large-scale operations were purchasing 10 or more of these high capacity trimmers at a time.

For the World’s Largest Operations

With 2020 well underway, CenturionPro is again boldly going where no trimming company has gone before with the recent global launch of their XL Trimmers.  Learning from the demand of 2019, they’ve built this line of industrial trimmers to meet the needs of those growers that have now entered the same category as those operations that purchased multiple CenturionPro 3.0’s last year.  They have done this with 3 Trimmer models the XL 5.0, XL 5.0 SE and XL10.0.  With throughput capabilities of up to 1500lbs/hr wet (300lbs/hr dry), 2250lbs/hr wet (450lbs/hr dry), and 3000lbs/hr wet (600lbs/hr dry) respectively, these machines meet the needs of even the largest operations in the world.

A Trimmer for Every Harvest

Trimming machines are a huge investment and being mindful of buying the right trimmer to fit your harvest needs is essential.  The great thing about CenturionPro trimmers is that regardless of what model you purchase it is built using the same technology and uncompromising quality.  It is simply a scaled up or down version of the same concept, which allows CenturionPro to live up to their promise of offering an elite trimming solution for every harvest.


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